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April 16, 1946 - Stars and Stripes Newspaper

GI Bride to Contest Divorce

British Girl to Sue For Allowance, Damages

NEW YORK, April 15 (AP) –
An irate GI bride, Mrs. Bridget Waters, 28-years-old English girl, arrived in New York yesterday by transatlantic plane to contest her husband’s divorce proceedings at Las Vegas, Nev.

Mrs. Waters, who is the mother of a year-old son, said her husband Frank Waters, of Los Angeles, had sent “papers” stating that the divorce would be based on “mental cruelty.”

"He can have his divorce,” she stated flatly and emphatically. “But he’ll have it on my terms and I’ll do the suing. I will sue him for $8000 damages and a monthly allowance – and anything else that’s lying around loose.

Too many British brides are getting divorce papers in the mail these days. "I’m going to fight this case and show the world that these men can’t just change. Do they consider we are just a convenience?”, she asked.

Bridget said her husband had been shipped to France six months after they were married early in 1944 in England.

“After I wrote him that I had a baby,” she said, “he replied saying the marriage was a mistake. He added he would send me $50 a month. I’ve got those letters and others. He can’t get away with this.”

Mrs. Waters was one of several GI brides who called on U.S. Ambassador John G. Winant in London last February. She asked him to arrange an inquiry into the […] position of British brides after their husbands had informed them of contemplated divorce proceedings.

NOTE: Neice, Patricia vanBreemen is looking for her Frank Waters, Jr.

Article from April 27, 1946 - Syracuse Herald Journal
(Syracuse, New York)

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