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April 17, 1946 - Syracuse Herald Journal (NY)

GI’S French War Bride Arrives in Potsdam

POTSDAM – A French war brides, Mrs. Genevieve Bonno, arrived in Potsdam yesterday to await the return of her husband, First Sgt. Spencer A. Bonno, stationed with the Ninth Air Force in Manau, Germany. She was met at the railroad station by his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Carl Bono, and will reside with them at their home in Clough st.

Mrs. Bonno is the former Miss Geneviever LeComte of Chartres, France. She was married to Bonno Oct. 10, 1945, in Chartres. The couple met in December while Bonno was stationed in Chartres as an interpreter for the Army. He has been oversears for the past three years and delayed his return home following their marriage to make arrangements for his wife’s passage. Sgt. Bonno is expected to leave Germany within the next month or two.

The French bride, who speaks rather broken English, was much impressed with her first views of Potsday. She arrived in New York City Sunday aboard the U.S.S. George W. Goethals after a nice day trip. The weather was rough coming across and she suffered from seasickness.

Sgt. Bonno attended Potsdam State Teachers’ College and was an inspector at the Aluminum pland in Massena prior to his enlistment in the Army.

Arrival date was 14 Apr 1946 aboard the George W. Goethals.

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