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GI Brides of World War II

April 25, 1946 - Syracuse Herald Journal (NY)

Victory Crowns Diaper Search

Syracuse Red Cross Aids War Mothers

A top-priority, high-emergency request for four dozen diapers was todded around Hermon, Albany, Utica and Syracuse for four hectic hours the other night.

Finally the urgent needs of the babies were met by Syracuse Rec Cross when the war brides and baby train paused at the New York Central depot.

The train had already entered and left Albany when the telegram was delivered. The capitalís Red Cross worker on emergency home service then warned Syracuse by Telegraph that diaperless children of servicemen were speeding this way and to start hunting for 48 diaper of the scarce disposable type. Meanwhile Albany wound try to get Utica to fill the breach.

Syracuseís night emergency worker made a telephone canvass of local druggists, finally pinned down four dozen disposable diapers at a downtown drug store. But when Albany didnít call back by 10 P.M. , it was assumed that Utica had solved the problem and the order was cancelled.

That optimistic action was premature. Travelerís Aid called the worker at home and said the diapers were going to be very badly needed when the special reached Syracuse at 11:59 P.M.

By that time the downtown druggist had closed shop for the night, and the Red Cross worker had to make a new canvass of diaper merchants. This calling was hampered by jokesmiths in the pharmaceutical field who knew that the worker is the father of three children under five years of age,

Now freely perspiring, the worker eventually located 48 diapers Ė disposables, too Ė at an Elmwood pharmacy, and snagged them 10 minutes before the store closed.

The precious packet was then delivered to the New York Central train master who effected their transfer to the anxious service wives and fretful babies at midnight.

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