The American War Bride Experience

GI Brides of World War II

May 19, 1946
Syracuse Herald Journal (Syracuse, New York)

British GI Brides will share the spotlight with “The Seventh Veil”

British GI Brides will share the spotlight with “The Seventh Veil,” English picture which opens at the Paramount Thursday. The film made in England with an English cast is offered to the young women from England and Australia who have married America servicemen and come to Onondaga County to live.

The brides and their husbands will be guests of the theater Wednesday night at 8 o’clock and will have the added trill of drawing lots for a transatlantic telephone call to parents in England. The drawing will take place after the group has assembled before the opening of the show. Remember the time, girls, 8 o’clock in the lobby of the Paramount. The winner of the telephone call will be announced and time of the call arranged.

Replies from British brides indicate not only interest in the English film, but a desire to see other girls to whom the United States still is new and strange. Letters say “I have been here only three weeks”; “I have been here only a short time and have not had opportunity to see any other Englis brides,” etc.

“The Seventh Veil” party for the bride might well develop into a bit of old home week for these girls and there is always that telephone call which someone will win.

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