The American War Bride Experience

GI Brides of World War II

May 24, 1946
Syracuse Herald Journal (Syracuse, New York)

Baby’s Death on Brideship Brings Suit

NEW YORK (INS) – The father of one of the six babies that died as a result of the epidemic among infants aboard the bride ship Zebulon Vance prepared today to start a negligence action in cout.

John J. Kotcis of Brighton, after burying his 3-month-old daughter, announce his intention to sue as his Belgian war bride was placed under a physician’s care immediately after the baby’s funeral.

The Army, meanwhile, diagnosed the deaths of four of the babies as due to “epidemic infantile diarrhea” but declined commint on charges that lack of hygiene caused the epidemic while the ship was en route to New York City from France.

Twenty infants were stricken. Three died aboard the vessel, one later in Paris, Ill., another in a New York Hospital and one in Pittsburgh. Eight remain in critrical condition.

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