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June 16, 1946 -- Syracuse Herald-American, (Syracuse, New York)

Ex-Army Nurse Free GI to Wed Stowaway

The Testimony of an English stowaway, being held at Ellis Island for deportation, highlighted the trial of a divorce action before Justice Henry J. Kimball in the Onondaga County Court House.

The action for divorce was brought by and granted to Mrs. Marion S. Marais, 1026 Euclid Av., ex-Army nurse, against Gordon E. Marais of New York City, former GI.

Names as correspondent in the action was Beatrice Marais, 25, who received nationwide publicity a few months ago when she and her infant son, Philip, came to this country as stowaways aboard the bride ship Washington.

Awaiting deportation at Ellis Island, the English girl was unable to come to Syracuse to testify in the divorce proceeding. Nevertheless, she was the principal witness at the trial, statements being taken for her in the presence of a notary at Ellis Island, and these statements being read into the record at the trial here.

When she came to America last April, the English girl told authorities she used her infant sone as a passport to walk up the gang plank in Southampton while guards looked on. No one stopped her, she said, and five hours after the ship sailed she gave herself and her baby up.

At the trail of her action Friday, Mrs. Marais told the court that she understands the divorce action has been Instituted in England to free the stoway from English husband. Also, she said, she understands Marais plans to marry the English girl as soon as possible. The divorce dexree signed by Justice Kimball, does not become final for three months.

Mrs. Marsis said she met the soldier in New York City in May of 1943. She left him a few months after the marriage, she said, and served as an Army nurse in Europe before her release from service last fall.

The plaintiff was represented in the action by William H. Lynch.

Beatrice Marais

English stowaway is correspondent. Beatrice Marais of England, shown above with her 11 monthes old son, Philip, was named correspondent by Mrs. Marion S. Marais, 1026 Euclid av., in a divorce action brought against Gordon Marais of New York. Testimony of the English girl was used in the trial. (AP Wirephoto.)

NOTE: On the passenger list for the Marine Falcon on Sept. 22, 1947 were listed Gordon Marais (US Citizen), Beatrice , Philip and Susan, 10 mos.

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