The American War Bride Experience

GI Brides of World War II

Feb. 10, 2006, Omaha World-Herald

Queen Mary Docks Today

Some Brides to Stay Aboard Overnight
Compiled from Dress Dispatches
The Queen Mary Saturday sped at a 23-knot pace on the last lap of her journey with British wives and children of American service men.

She was scheduled to arrive at New York pier at noon Sunday the Associated Press reported.

Because of the strike of tugboat workers, United States Army tugs will nose the liner into the pier.

The first five hundred wives, all of whom will live within two hundred miles of New York are scheduled to go ashore at 6 p.m. after civilians debark. The remainder will stay aboard overnight.

Irish move Slated
Meanwhile, United States Army headquarter in Belfast said tentative arrangements have been made to ship 454 wives and children of American service men to the United States from Ulster shortly after March 1.

The Henry Gibbins, converted troopship, is expected to handle this first group of approximately 12,500 GI brides from Ireland.

In London, the Army said the ship would be diverted to Southampton unless the Irish brides speed up their response to Army’s travel questionnaires.

Ship Leaves Italy
The transport Algonquin sailed Saturday from Naples for New York carrying 344 war brides and 70 children – the first contingent of 2,500 GI wives embarking from the Mediterranean Theater.

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