The American War Bride Experience

GI Brides of World War II

Feb. 11, 1946, Omaha World-Herald

Bring Wives, Yanks Plead
Asked Bride Ships Used On Return Trips

Compiled from Press and Cable Dispatches
American soldier in the European Theater are asking the Army to provide passage for their wives and children on the return trips of the war bride boats.

M. Sgt. Gordon Lewis of Arthur, Ill. Stationed in Frankfurt, Germany, is on leave in Paris where he is organizing a “We Want Our Families” Club at the American Red Cross Columbia Center according to the Chicago Tribune Press Service.

General MacArthur said Monday in Tokyo that he is planning to open occupied areas to the United States military personnel by about May 1, the Associated Press reported. He says he hopes to include free transportation for all ranks.

‘Like Pioneers’

His statement noted that living conditions “are not comparable in many ways with those of continental America.

“It will represent a type of pioneering reminiscent of the peer days of our own West during the nineteenth century. But just as those days developed the best of American womanhood so it is believed that wives of our officers and soldiers will welcome the opportunity to share hardship with their husbands.”

It was announced meanwhile that movement of troops and cargo through the Los Angeles Port of Embarkation will cease after February 28. Army ships carring returnees and materials with be routed to San Francisco and Seattle.

‘Krueger Back’

Gen. Walter Krueger commander of the Sixth Army, arrived in San Francisco from Japan Sunday aboard the battleship New Jersey. He refused to commit himself on the probable length of American occupation of Japan, the Associated Press reported.

“There are two words I never use”, he declared. “Forever is one; future is the other.”

He expects to leave the Army before summer.

More than 20 thousand service on 17 transports are scheduled to arrive Monday at one East Coast and four West Coast ports.

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