The American War Bride Experience

GI Brides of World War II

Feb. 18, 1946, Omaha World-Herald - Nebraska Scene

Fourth Bride Ship Arrives

13,221 Veterans Will Come In Today
The liner Vulcania, fourth bride ship to dock in recent weeks from England arrived Sunday at New York with 414 war brides of American service men and 178 children.

The pier was crowded with 160 husbands bearing candy, flowers and welcoming gifts.

Previous bride ships were the Queen Mary, Argentina, and the Santa Paula.

The Navy’s Rescue Squadron 3, whose seaplanes saved four hundred downed fliers and ship’s survivors in the closing days of the Pacific war is en route to the West Coast for decommissioning, it was reported from Pearl Harbor.

At least 13,221 veterans will come home Monday aboard 23 transport vessels docking at New York and four West Coast ports.

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