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Feb. 19, 1946, Omaha World-Herald - Nebraska Scene

U.S. Wives Don’t Take It Easy

By Ruth Millett
London reports that at least 20 disillusioned British brides of G. I.’s already have turned their voyage to America into a round trip and are back in their own county to stay, minus their Yankee husbands.

One English girl who’s G. I. Husband owns a restaurant in Brooklyn says she headed for home when she discovered she “wanted me to be his chief cook and bottle washer.”

Perhaps some of these foreign brides are a little too romantic in their notions of what life is like in American. They have heard so much about the soft life American women lean, it may be shocking to learn their husbands expert them to be chief cooks and bottle washers at least in their own homes.

Furthermore, if their G. I. husbands run small businesses or farms they may be expected (as was the wife of the ex-soldier from Brooklyn) to do the work of an employee until the investment starts paying off.

It’s actually not the young women of America who lead soft lives. The majority of them work as hard as their men, doing their own work, taking care of the children and often helping their husbands during the years when they are getting a start.

But if the family prospers the women eventually have it easy. For American men are generous with their money and conscientious about providing for their families.

If the foreign brides will just lower their romantic notions about the soft life for women in America enough to stick with their husbands through the hard years, they stand a good chance of some day living the life of ease they have heard so much about.

But for the first 10 or 15 years of marriage they had better expect to be chief cooks and bottle washers, baby tenders and perhaps, business partners to their husbands as well.

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