The American War Bride Experience

GI Brides of World War II

Feb. 20, 1946, Omaha World-Herald - Nebraska Scene

Babyís Measles Fails
to Delay G.I.ís Bride

Boone, Ia. (Special)
Thanks to the advice of a German prisoner of war, Mr. and Mrs. Edwin L. Smith were reunited in New York February 11 and arrived in Boone last week end. Mrs. Smith was one of the G. I. war brides who arrived on the Queen Mary.

Before leaving Tidworth Camp, England, Mrs. Smith discovered that her daughter Carol Ann was a victim of the measles. She was afraid that if the authorites discovered her plight, whe would be held at the camp until a later boat for the States. A German POW, who learned of the babyís condition suggested that she bundle the baby up, carry her on the boat and turn her into the isolation ward after the vessel had left port. This Mrs. Smith did and the baby recovered before reaching New York.

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