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Feb. 24, 1946, Omaha World-Herald

G.I. Friendliness for Japan’s Girls Prompts Question on Marriages

Tokyo (AP)
The sight of American soldiers strolling the streets with arms about Japanese girls has set the Tokyo press to thinking about things matrimonial.

The press therefore asked whether such young couples could be married. At a press conference for Japanese reporters, a representative of Allied Headquarters gave this answer.

There be no policy against such marriages but as in Germany, the approval of a man’s senior officer must be obtained. As far as headquarters is aware, no such situation has arisen.

The newspaper Yomiuri Huchi commented: “The cursed fire of the war has long ceased and now American boys and Japanese girls are presenting friendly scenes on the streets, on railway station platforms, in public parks, theaters and many other places.”

“And some of them are in so deep love as to be desirous of becoming united with each other. Many mothers of Japanese girls often send inquiries to the (Japanese) Central Liaison Office asking if their daughters maybe authorized to be united with G.I. boys.”

The legal section of headquarter called attention to the lest that soldiers who marry Japanese girls cannot take them to the United States.

Should any of the girls lure happen to be Nisei stranded in Japan during the war they being American citizens could return to the United States.

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