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GI Brides of World War II

Feb. 25, 1946, Omaha World-Herald

G.I. Bringing Back a Baby

432 Service Men Are Returning Today
Compiled from Press and Cable Dispatches.
Pvt. Frank Tilley was well on his way Sunday to being the first G.I. redeployed with his baby, the Associated Press reported.

Carrying his 13-month-old daughter and with a can of mild and jar of cream in his duffle bag. Private Tilley left England last week-end from Paris on the first stage of his journey to America. The big hurdle will be getting the child aboard the troopship at Le Havre.

Immigration authorities at New Haven, where he boarded a cross-channel boat for Dieppe allowed him to continue with the child when he presented proof she is his daughter. His home was not given.

Wife to Sail Later The soldier’s 29-year-old wife, Helen, whom he married at Dundee, Scotland, remained behind, awaiting sailing on a G.I. bride ship. An Army public relations officer said she was placed in a deferred category when she applied for passage because her husband was in Britain.

The liner Queen Mary sailed Sunday from Southampton, England for New York carrying two thousand American soldiers’ wives and children. Also aboard was Lord Keynes, a governor of the International Monetary Fund.

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