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Feb. 26, 1946, Omaha World-Herald

British Housing Shortage Causes
G.I. to Take His Baby to Continent

Pvt. Francis O. Tilley of Burlington, Vt., his baby daughter under one arm and a barracks bag under the other, came back to London Monday night. He blamed the British housing shortage for four-day flight to the Continent with a 17-month-old child.

Private Tilley said he had searched for three months with his Scottish wife, Helen in an unavailing attempt to find a home before his re-enlistment furlough ended.

When his 90 days were up last Friday, he said all he could do was leave Mrs. Tilley with friends and take the baby with him.

The private, who said the past four days had been ďtiring but funĒ was met a Victoria Station by his 28-year-old wife. Arrangements had been made for them, he said at a friendís house.

Private Tilley had kept daughter, Kathrine, in Paris two nights washed her diapers cared for her in an enlisted menís billet.

The Dufayel enlisted menís billet in Paris was thrown into an uproar Friday night when Private Tilley walked in with Kathrine on one arm and a dufflebag containing canned mild, cream and talcum powder under the other. Soon everyone in the billet was helping care for the baby.

When Army authorities found out, they decided to send Kathrine and her father back to England on a channel boat.

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