The American War Bride Experience

GI Brides of World War II

Feb. 27, 1946, Omaha World-Herald

G.I. Wife Is Bound for St. Paul, Neb.

Brussels (AP)
Armed with visas and safety pins The first contingent of 180 G.I. Belgian brides and their children prepared Thursday to leave for the Le Havre where they will board the liner General Goethals for the journey to the United States.

Waiting in a hotel formerly occupied by WAG’s, pretty Mrs. Stacha Krans board for St. Paul, Neb. where her husband is an investigator in the Howard County Public Welfare Department, packed a wardrobe her husband sent from the States.

NOTE: The USAT George W. Goethals left Le Harve, France on March 6, arriving March 14, 1949. After viewing the passenger list, I did not find Mrs. S. Krans listed.

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