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Feb. 28, 1946, Omaha World-Herald

Son Is Born to British War Bride
Seeking Divorce and ‘Other Man’

Dubuque, Ia. (CTPS)
The English war bride, who flew to this country last November seeking a divoce so she could marry the father of her expected child has been a mother since February 5, it was disclosed Wednesday.

She is Mrs. Jean Carbonne 19, who married Harold Carbonne of Rochester, N.Y. then an American Army lieutenant in London in November, 1944.

Her baby, a 7-pound boy was born in the home of the mother of an American Army captain she met in London and fell in love with after Mr. Carbonne had been hospitalized and sent home. Mr. Carbonne is now a civilian student at the University of Rochester under the G.I. Bill of Rights.

The baby’s father is Capt. Darrell Beschen of the Army Air Forces now on duty in Texas.

Mrs. Carbonne said Wednesday she had hoped the baby’s arrival might take place without publicity as there “has already been such a fuss about this.”

Friends of the family disclose that immigration officer visited her about a month ago and hinted that deportation proceedings were being considered against her after the baby’s birth.

A local attorney engaged by Captain Beschen said he doubts if deportation proceedings would be successful. Mrs. Carbonne entered the country as the legal wife of an American citizen. The baby he said acquired American citizenship by being born in this country.

NOTE: A Jean Carbone left Hurn, England on Nov. 27, 1945 arriving on Pan American Aircraft in N.Y. on Nov. 28. Destination, Rochester, N.Y. She is wife of Harold J. Carbone

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