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Feb. 28, 1946, Omaha World-Herald

Edgar Man Reunited
with Scottish Bride

Kansas City (INS)
Mrs. Evelyn Whyte Chance, 21 year-old Scottish bride of former Corp. James R. Chance of Edgar, Neb. was reunited with her husband Wednesday.

Mrs. Chance was stranded without funds in Kansas City Tuesday when she missed train connections which would have taken her to Marrysville, Kans., where she planned to meet her husband.

Mr. Chance, who was married last May, rejoined his bride in Kansas City Tuesday night. At the advice of the Red Cross he did not meet her in New York, where she arrived Friday on the S.S. Zebulon Vance with five hundred other brides of American service men.

NOTE: Evelyn R. Chance arrived in New York on Feb. 22. She sailed from Southampton, England on Feb. 8, 1946.

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