The American War Bride Experience

GI Brides of World War II

Feb. 2, 2006, Omaha World-Herald

Brides’ Ship Storm-Tossed

Seasickness Recurs Among Voyagers

By Relman Morin
Aboard the SS Argentina (AP)
The SS Argentina, bringing GI brides from Britain, ran into another storm of almost gale proportions Friday.

The captain expressed belief she will not rech New York before Sunday night or Monday morning.

The ship was approximately one thousand miles out in the Atlantic from New York.

The rough weather brought a recurrence of seasickness and some mental discomfort among the brides.

But the ship’s doctor said the great majority of them, including those pregnant, were “remarkable well.”

What amazed the doctors most is the way the babies, making the trip with mothers to join their fathers in the United States, have endured the stormy passage. None of the babies now is hospitalized.

The mothers added that the changes in the ship’s clock as the Argentina Moved farther west had not interrupted feeding schedules.

The clocks have been retarded about an hour daily so the schedules are entirely dislocated, but the stomachs of even the smallest infants apparently were adjusted to it without difficulty.

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