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GI Brides of World War II

Feb. 3, 2006, Omaha World-Herald

War Brides Reach U.S.

39 Aboard Troop Ship From Egypt
Compiled from Press and Cable Dispatches
Thirty-nine war brides, and advance contingent of the several hundred who arrive next week came to New York Saturday from Egypt on the SS Cornelius Gillian. Also aboard were 103 troops, the International News Service reported.

Aboard the USS Argentina in first step was taken to permit British brides to enter the United States without further delay, Army doctors completed physical examinations of the entire passenger list applying with immigration laws.

Examination, usually are made after a ship docks, the Associated Press noted.

A special immigration officer L. W. Williams is making the voyage with the brides from Southampton. Customs declarations were made early.

A total of 451 women and 175 children will be going ashore. Lieut. Col. Floyd Lyle told the brides that railway tickets with sleeping care reservation for each woman already have been purchased.

The questions of changing English money into dollars has not been solved entirely. There was insufficient American currency in England and the ship’s purser could not convert all the money the brides brought along. The Army will provide arrangements for further exchange at the dock.

Meanwhile most of the 2, 350 wives and children of American soldiers, scheduled to sail Sunday from Southampton were aboard the Queen Mary Saturday.

The brides were astonished at the comfort. Some worried about sea sickness. But a deck officer told them the huge vessel rolls about as much as an escalator in a high wind.

NOTE: The SS Cornelius Gillian left Egypt's port on Jan. 12 and arrived in New York on Feb. 2, 1946

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