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Feb. 3, 2006, Omaha World-Herald

Gosh, That’s Swell, he says

When told Family Is On Queen Mary

Citizen Frank A. Eyeler, 26, and late-working Union Pacific weitch tender, was roused out of bed Saturday morning to be told his English bride and his 15-months-old daughter are aboard The Queen Mary, en route to Omaha.

“Gosh, that’s swell,” he said/ “But I already knew it. I had an airmail from Renee just a couple of days ago saying she was in a staging area and ready to sail.

Until his discharge in September, Frank was a staff sergeant with the Air Force in England. He was in service four years and three months; 39 months were spent overseas, mostly with the Eighth Air Force and the Air Service Command.

He met his English bride in Manchester. She was Renee Jackson, 23, living with her parents at Oldham. The meeting was casual, arranged by another sergeant, who knew several English girls. This was in October, 1942.

“Her name is really Irene,” Frank recalled, “But neither of us liked it, so we changed it to Renee.”

A year later; October 10, they were married at Oldham.

They were separated in July, 1945 when Frank was sent back to this country for possible reassignment to Japanese campaigns.

When Mrs. Eyeler and the baby, Beverly Anne, arrive in New York, Frank will not be there to meet them. He cannot leave his job, he explained. But they will receive a grand welcome here, possible about February 9 or 10. They will reside temporarily with Frank’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Eyeler, 3424 South Twenty-third Street.

Mrs. Eyeler was assigned with another GI war bride to a suite aboard The Queen Mary which had once been occupied by Winston Churchill.

An Associated Press dispatch from Southampton quoted Mrs. Eyeler, I can hardly wait to tell Beverly when she grows up.”

[photo of couple with child] Frank A. Eyeler of Omaha with English bride and daughter … wife and baby are en route to Omaha. Photo made in England.]

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