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Feb. 4, 2006, Omaha World-Herald

British Mother of Quads

Happy That Ex-GI May Be Free to Marry Her
Heanor, England, (AP)
A shy smile lit the face of Norah Carpenter Sunday when she learned that William H. Thompson, father of her quadruplet babies, so may be free to marry her. “I’m very happy,” Miss Carpenter said after receiving news that Mr. Thompson’s wife had sued him for divorce in Pittsburgh. “Our babies and I will go over when the divorce becomes absolute and we will be married.”

The quads were born to Miss Carpenter, February 28, 1944. Three of them - Madeline, Maureen and Michael survived. MacDonald the frailest of the four lived only a few days.

At the time of the birth Mr. Thompson then a United States Army staff sergeant announced that he was the father of the children and said he had asked his wife to grant him a divorce so he could marry the English girl. At that time Mrs. Thompson refused to do so.

Asked Sunday if Mr. Thompson still is anxious to marry her, Miss Carpenter replied, “Definitely yes.”

She said she received an airmail letter from Mr. Thompson, a commercial printer in Pittsburgh, every other day. But she had not heard of the divorce action until told by a reporter.

Her allowance from the Army of $76 a month was cut off when Mr. Thompson was discharged last July. Since then, Miss Carpenter said Mr. Thompson had been sending her money. But he didn’t send as much as the Army allowance because he can’t afford it.”

Miss Carpenter lives with her father and mother in a small brick house with a slate roof in the Derbyshire city of 21 thousand. She said the children have been in perfect health.

Miss Carpenter’s father, a wagon builder said the divorce action will give her a chance to “settle down and be comfortable.”

But both her father and mother said they are not happy at the thought of giving up the children.

NOTE: Norah Carpenter and children arrived in New York on Pan American Airways from London on July 5, 1946.

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