The American War Bride Experience

GI Brides of World War II

1947 April 27 -- Stars and Stripes Newspaper, Europe, Mediterranean and North Africa Editions

War Bride Finds Husband Unhurt In Texas City

TEXAS CITY, APRIL 26 (AP) – Mrs. Betty Wilson, a British war brides from Chester, England, arrived in ruined Texas City yesterday and counted herself a luck woman.

Her husband Roy was alive and uninjured by the Explosions which swept the city last week and wrecked their Texas City cottage home.

With her 9-month-old daughter Margaret Anne, she had arrived in New York the day before the disaster. They had to remain in New York until the Red Cross received word from her husband.

It took nearly two days to determine that he was alive.

“I was almost crazy waiting for news of Roy.” Mrs. Wilson said, “They wouldn’t let me come here until they heard from him.”

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