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AP Wire Photo - The family of Edgar C. Forsberg is temporarily reunited at Mendon, Mass., after the German war bride was given a six-months permit to return to this country with their son Michael (center). The wife Elisabeth, 28, and son had been detained overseas under the new Security Act after a visit to Germany. She had briefly joined a Hitler girl’s organization at the age of ten. Forsberg, an ex-Army lieutenant, has been living at Chatham, Mass., but is from Columbus, Ohio. (AP Wirephoto)

1950 October 13
Coshocton Tribune (Coshocton, Ohio)

Ex-Army Office Complains His War Bride, Son Barred From Entering U.S.

CHATHAM, Mass. – (UP)

A former combat infantry officer complained bitterly today that his German war bride and their two-year-old son have been refused permission to return to the United States under the new Communist control low.

Edgar C. Forsberg, 30, a Hudson Ohio resident now serving as a gardener on several Chatham estates, said his wife, Elizabeth had to cancel a return trip from a visit to her parents because she was a member of a Hitler youth organization when she was 10 years old.

Forsberg, a veteran of eight European campaigns during World War II, said his wife and son Michael went to Germany in March when he was studying at Ohio State university. He was graduated in June.

He said she wrote Monday that U.S. officials there would not permit her to return under terms of the Communist control act passed by congress recently over President Truman’s veto. The law contains a section barring persons who ever belonged to a Fascist organization.

My son was born in Columbus (O), so he’s a United States citizen,” the ex-lieutenant said, “It they won’t let her come back home, I’m going to try to get back to Germany.”

Forsberg said he had written the state department about his plight, but had not yet received an answer.

1950 October 13
Lima News (Lima, Ohio)

Veteran’s German Wife Is Marooned
Chatham, Mass., Oct. 13 – (AP)

An Ohio combat veteran said last night the new Communist control bill is preventing his German-born wife and son from returning to the United States after a brief visit to Germany.

Edgar C. Forsberg, 27, of Toledo, said his wife Elisabeth, told him by transatlantic telephone that the U.S. consulate in Germany has denied her and their son Michael, 2-1/2, permission to travel to Le Havre, France. She was due to sail for home from there today.

Forsberg said the consulate has invoked a section of the new bill which prohibits entry to any person who has been associated with a fascist group.

Mrs. Forsberg, said the Ohioan, was for a short time a member of a Hitler Youth girl’s organization – when she was 10 years old.

1950 October 20
Coshocton Tribune (Coshocton, Ohio)

German War Bride, Son Permitted to Enter U.S. After Being Barred

CHATHAM, Mass. – (UP)
A former combat infantry officer from Hudson, O. was enroute to New York on a fist truck today to meet his German-born wife and his son who had been barred from the United States under the new Communist control law.

Edgar C. Rorsberg, 30 hitchhiked his way because he lacked funds for a train or airplane ticket. He said he had spent his last money to finance the return of his wife Elizabeth and their two-year –old son, Michael, who had been visiting her parents in Germany.

Mrs. Forsberg was barred from returning to the U.S. when it was discovered she had belonged to a Nazi youth organization when she was 10 years old. Forsberg appealed to his congressman both in Massachusetts, and in Ohio, where he was born and attended Ohio State university.

Tho he was told his appeal went directly to President Truman, he said he did not know how his wife had been cleared to return. He said the first word he had was a letter from her yesterday announcing her scheduled arrival aboard a ship at New York.

What I discovered: Edgar and Elisabeth arrived on the American Overseas Airline on Sept 5, 1947. Edgar was 27 and Elisabeth 25. They left from Frankfurt, Germany and went to Hudson, Ohio. Elisabeth and her son Michael took a trip back to Germany. Elizabeth was 28 and Michael 2 1/2 yrs. They returned home on the SS Washington on Oct. 20, 1950 but were detain on that day to Ellis Island. At a later date of May 12, 1955 onboard Pan American World Airways, Inc., Edgar and Michael were destined again in Boston having flown into Boston, Mass. from Paris, France. No mention of Elizabeth. I found the death record for Elisabeth G. Forsberg. She was born April 17, 1922 and died Aug. 26, 1986. She and Edgar were divorced but he was listed on the death record has the informant. Elisabeth occupation was listed as Psychiatrist and parents were Prof. Wilhelm Schnupp and Herta von Kirschbaum.

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