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World Herald, January 22, 1946

Faces Operation

Cherylene Robinson, two month old daughter of Mrs. Robert J. Robinson an Australian war bride of a Virgil, Kansas ex-soldier, faces a delicate cranial operation. The girl’s mother and baby arrived in Oakland, California after an eight thousand miles flight.
[Picture of Baby]
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World Herald, January 23, 1946

Father Holds Stricken Baby

Robert J. Robinson, ex-soldier of Virgil, Kansas holds his two month old daughter Cherylene and Mrs. Robinson looks on at San Francisco, Tuesday. The mother and baby were flown from Australia and the father met them in San Francisco to arrange for medical attention which a navy doctor in Australia said was necessary to save the baby’s life.
[Picture of parents and baby]
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World Herald, January 24, 1946

Cherylene to Hospital

Cherylene Robinson, two month, who was flown from Australia by Army and Navy planes is carried up the steps into University of California Hospital, San Francisco Wednesday by her mother, Robert J. Robinson, the baby’s father and former sailor of Virgil, Kansas accompables them. A Navy doctor in Australia and a delicate cranial operation with necessary to save Cherylene’s life
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