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GI Brides of World War II

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No Date - Edith Litvin, a Nazi Slave from Romanian

No Date - Jean Gloor Carbone and Sylvia Smith Toth Arrives by plane in New York

No Date - Joy - She Serves Treats From 'Down Under'

10/24/1941 - Those Canadians, English People Find 'Em Wild
Canadian Soldiers

9/05/1942 - AMERICA’s First War Bride
Mary Ellen Gallagher Jenkins
What do you think? An American war bride must be married to a G.I., right? She arrived on 5 Sept, 1942 with her husband Charles on the USS West Point from Scotland. This is PDF file.

12/15/1943 - 16,000 Canadian Soldiers Take Home Brides

1944 - Shirley Frey
Glad Trip From ‘Down Under' Is Completed

1/24/1944 - Boy meets Girl
Keep Aussiettes from marrying Yanks

4/20/1944 - War Brides Arrive In U.S.
Doris Jean Lebash, Mrs. Frank Kennaly and Jeanie McCulough

6/22/1944 - Morton - McGrath Wedding Annoucement
Mrs Elaine Morton

7/23/1944 - Sgt. Volan and Pfc. Strine Takes Australian Brides

8/12/1944 - Yanks Wed 10,000 Aussie Girls

9/6/1944 - Mrs. Gauldin and son John arrive from Ireland

1945 - British Brides

2/14/1945 - Life in U.S. Is Wonderful for Aussie War Bride
Ruby Jeanne Balding

6/01/1945 - 5 Ships arrive with 10,000 war brides

6/24/1945 - War Brides’ Club Proposed
Amy Fitzgibbons

7/20/1945 - Alexandra Neton, Polish War Bride's Wedding

7/24/1945 - GI's Married Nearly 6,000 Aussie Girls

9/9/1945 - Lurline Arriving with Australian War Brides

9/25/1945 - Lurline Docks Has 545 Service Brides

9/29/1945 - She's In His Custody
Marjory Weyland, Australian Stowaway

10/09/1945 - Western Mail - South Wales Argus
Pontypool Brides from Gwent for London March
Mrs. J. Jessen, Mrs. Martin, Mrs. Ray Bennett

10/23/1945 - 50 Brides Return to Australia
U.S. Not Like The Movies

10/28/1945 - British GI Brides Demonstration

11/9/1945 - Many Wait Passage
Australian War Brides Wait

11/9/1945 - Red Cross Assistance

11/20/1945 - X-Rays Aren’t Peeping at GI Brides

11/21/1945 - Aussie Brides Never Had It So Good

11/24/1945 - U.S. Hold GI Poxy Marriages Invalid, Lawyer Claims

11/26/1945 - 100,000 GIs Marry Abroad

12/4-6/1945 - Bride Seeks Her Freedom
Jean Gloor Carbone

12/14/1945 - Connie Scarth French becomes GI Bride

12/23/1945 - GI Brides from India on 12/05/1945
Margaret Cunningham, Joyce French, and Mary Borup

12/23/1945 - Lamouréux Overboard to see wife in Liverpool

12/29/1945 - England Has Camp For GI Wives

1946 - Unknown Articles
Three articles with picture from unknown newspapers

1/16/1946 - War Brides Spruce Up
War Brides on the SS Permanente travel from New Zealand to San Francisco.
Joan E. Martin, Dorothy Miller, Constance P. Hill, Vida D. Day and Grace M. McGrady

1/17/1946 - Stowaway on Liberty Freighter
Joan Stott and Marry Curtis are deported back to England

1/22/1946 - Plenty of Ships
Now To Take Them

1/22-23-24/1946 - Baby Cheryl Robinson
Needs Operation that takes her from Australia to California

1/23/1946- Diapers, Cribs Replace Bunks As Brides Arrive at Tidworth By Sidney Gans

1/24/1946 - GI Wants Permission to Marry German Girl
Herbert H. Bolles, Nebraska City, NE

1/24/1946 - GI's Family to Welcome Reich Bride
German War Brides Gertrude Horton

1/26/1946 - Leaving England on the Argentina
Esme Lawrence and daughter Maureen; Babies Shirley Meyer and Helen Burgess; Joy Winans more on page 14

1/26/1946 - Chance Acquaintance
Shirley Meyer and Hellen Burges meet at the Waterloo Station in London

1/26/1946 - Ship For G.I. Wives and Families

1/27/1946 - Brides Ship Off for US
Argentina leaves Jan. 27, 1946 from Southampton, England

1/27/1946 - Vet Buys Antiques For His English Wife
Barbara Drake Johnson

1/27/1946 - Binghamton Prepares to Welcome 50 GI Brides From Overseas

1/28/1946 - Ships bound for Australia

1/28/1946 - GI Brides Return to England

2/01/1946 - Albion Planning Civil Celebration
English Brides of Twin Soldiers
Grace Rivers Schafer and Mary Holroyd Schafer

2/01/1946 - GI Brides En Route to U.S. Planning Show,
Less Hardy Sisters Sea Sick

2/01/1946 - GI Brides Will Have Chaperon

2/01/1946 - Truth Is Due War Brides
by Ruth Millett

2/01/1946 - Young Short Snoter Meets Dad
Arrived by Plane

2/02/1946 - Brides Ship Storm-Tossed
Onboard the SS Argentina

2/02/1946 - Brides Board Queen
The Queen Mary

2/03/1946 - War Brides Reach U.S.
From Egypt

2/03/1946 - Gosh, That's Swell, he says
When told family is on Queen Mary
Renee Jackson Eyeler

2/04/1946 - War Brides arrived from Iran
Stars and Stripes

2/04/1946 - Mary and Joanne Johnson
Widow brings GI's child to Texas

2/04/1946 - Aussie War Bride Wins Divorce Here
Mary E. Brenden

2/04/1946 - London article, Unfortunate

2/04/1946 - Exodus of Australia Brides
To U.S. Loom

2/04/1946 - British Mother Of Quads
Happy that Ex-GI William H. Thompson may be free to marry Norah Carpenter

2/05/1946 - 456 British Wives, 170 Babies Land
Arrival of the Argentina

2/05/1946 - Irish War Bride Joins Husband Here
Esha Castle

2/05/1946 - War Babies Francis and Angela Hardiman
Lea Strand, Jean Bleakley, Margaret Eldridge, Esme Lawrence and Doris Wager

2/06/1946 - Five GI Brides in Omaha Today
Comments about those that arrived in Iowa

2/06/1946 - Ready For Emergency
Accidents onboard the Argentina
Rose Devercelly, Rhoda Gardner and Dorothy Gerace

2/07/1946 - British Brides of GIs Suspected
Catch in Generosity of Red Cross

2/08/1946 - Brides Arriving to Join Iowans
List of names

2/09/1946 - GI Dead but Wife En Route
Kathleen Heuston Ramsey To U.S. to meet his family

2/09/1946 - Queen Mary to Dock Today With GI Wives

2/10/1946 - Diary of the Diaper Cruise
Onboard the Argentina By Tom Wolf

2/10/1946 - Queen Mary Docks Today
Information about the Henry Gibbins and Algonquin

2/10/1946 - 1666 GI Wives, 668 Chilren Reach U.S. From England

2/10/1946 - British Wives Met by St. Louis Veterans

2/10/1946 - 1946 Broadcast Reunion
Catherine Girver of London talks to her daughter, Pat Hoffman in New York.

2/11/1946 - St. Louis Globe Democrat - Queen Mary

2/11/1946 - GI Bridegroom Can't Get to U.S
Thomas Thompson, Male War Bride

2/11/1946 - 'Here Comes The Brides
Greeting to Liner

2/11/1946 - Bring Wives, Yanks Plead
Asked Bride Ship Unes on Return Asked Bride Ship

2/11/1946 - Officer Weds Girl
After Traveling 24,000 miles to Bring Her to U.S.

2/12/1946 - New Americans Register Opinions
Pictures of many war babies

2/13/1946 - Omaha Homes Eagar to Welcome
Four British Brides Here Today

2/13/1946 - Waiting for GI Husbands
Mrs. Smith and Mrs. Sons

2/13/1946 - Rossetta Butler and daughter, Linda
arriving on the Santa Paula

2/14/46 - Patricia Ann Vought
Aussie bride sees husband to the Brunns General Hospital in Sante Fe, N.M.

2/14/1946 - Help For GI Brides Asked
Many Left Holding American Babies

2/14/1946 - Navy Wants Funds
To Get Wives Home

2/15/1946 - Brides Given Marriage Aid
2 Nebraska Brides to Sail

2/15/1946 - GI Wives Overseas
Will Find Living Conditions Poor

2/15/1946 - Too Much Attention
On War Brides

2/16/1946 - No Illegitimate Children, Only Illegitimate Parents

2/16/1946 - Grandpa Welcomes War Widow
and His Grandchildren

2/16/1946 - Evelyn M. Spicer, Overseas Bride To Join Husband

2/17/1946 - British War Bride, Eileen [Arnell] Usakewicz

2/17/1946 - A War Bride Comes Home
Cedar Bluffs, Neb.

2/18/1946 - Fourth Bride Ship Arrives

2/18/1946 - Wee Scotsmen
The Molloy Boys

2/18/1946 - Life Magazine

2/18/1946 - Early Vulcania Gets No Greeting

2/19/1946 - U.S. Wives Don't Take It Easy

2/20/1946 - War Brides En Route to U.S. Spouse Dead
Winifred Barnum and daughter, Judith

2/20/1946 - Baby's Measles Fails to Delay G.I. Bride
Mrs. Edwin L. Smith were reunited in New York

2/20/1946 - Alice [Beck] Rivers, London, England

2/21/1946 - First Italian Brides Due
412 Italian wives aboard the Algonquin

2/21/1946 - Stowaway, 18 Finds Chicago Sweetheart
Josephine Judex

2/21/1946 - Wish Is Fulfilled for War Bride
Mrs. Edward H. Kauwell – arrived in Philadelphia

2/22/1946 - British Brides Officiated

2/23/1946 - Audrey Duckworth and son Patrick

2/23/1946 - 3 Ships Bring War Brides

2/23/1946 - Two Girl Stowaways Must Leave U.S.
Miss Josephane Judex

2/23/1946 - Boat Load of Brides from Italy
Picture of Brides

2/24/1946 - G.I. Friendliness for Japan's Girls
Prompts Question on Marriage

2/24/1946 - French and German Girls

2/25/1946 - G.I. Bring Back a Baby
Pvt. Frank Tilley and child

2/26/1946 - War Brides Continuing to Arrive

2/26/1946 - Queens' Use to Carry Aussie Wives Urged

2/26/1946 - British Housing Shortage
Causes G.I. to Take His Baby to Continent
Pvt. Francis O. Tilley of Burlington, Vt.

2/27/1946 - Defends G.I. Right to Wed Overseas
Mrs. Franklin D. Roosevelt has come out flatly said, "no American soldier should be allowed to marry anywhere overseas".

2/27/1946 - G.I. Wife Is Bound for St. Paul, Nebraska

2/28/1946 - Son Is Born to British War Bride
Seeking Divorce and 'Other Man'

2/28/1946 - Edgar Man Reunited with Scottish Bride
Mrs. Evelyn Whyte Chance

3/4/1946 - San Francisco Welcome invasion of War Brides

3/05/1946 -
Gen. Goethals Will Bring Friend
and Belgian War Brides and Babies

3/6/1946 - Grandmother is Bride

3/06/1946 - French Mother of War Brides
Tried to Stow Away of the George W. Goethals

3/06/1946 - Smiles and Tears as Brides Ship Sails
"Come Back to Erin"

3/07/1946 - June Selir on the Mariposa

3/07/1946 - Aussie War Bride Due
Mrs. Herbert Jones, Mrs. Loran Walters, Mrs. Eugene Keys and Mrs. Ralph Covl

3/07/1946 - Irish Bride on Way To America, Janie Cochrane

Camp Philip Morris Delivers GI Bride’s Baby
Baby Girl Fletcher

3/14/1946 - Hail, Farewell For British Bride
Irene Capp arrived on the SS Brazil on Mar. 7, 1946

3/16/1946 - 550 More War Brides Arrive on the Saturnia
Steve and Joyce E. Aleniese

3/17/1946 - Mrs. Kenneth Hartranft and son John of Ballarat, Victoria arrives in Fulton, PA

3/17/1946 - British War Brides Is Amazed
Mr. and Mrs. Lee Miller, Jr. and son Bruce

3/17/1946 - Australian Pride Has No Regrets
Daphine Douglas Maxam and daughter, Shirley

3/18/1946 - War Bride Sisters, Joyce and Eileen Dawe
Married Brothers

3/18/1946 - English War Brides Expected March 28
Mary Tully Lavarnway and daughter, Mary Patricia

3/18/1946 - Mrs. Natoli
English War Bride arrives on Queen Mary and now honeymooning in Minetto

3/18/1946 - Strained Anglo-U.S. Relations
As British Bride Makes Tea

by a GI Bridegroom

3/18/1946 - Three More English Brides Due April 1
Mrs. Elleen M. Tolone, Mrs. Iris L. Murray, and Mrs. Edna Pitoniak

3/19/1946 - Sea-Born Baby
Frances Lanning and daughter Gloria

3/20-21/1946 - War Bride to speak in Rome, NY
Dorothy Diannotti

3/21/1946 - Reception Camp Is Quarantined

3/21/1946 - Mayor Has Good News for One GI
French women needs to find father of her new son

3/21/1946 - St Charles Banner - English Bride
Oliver Schneider

3/21/1946 - British Bride of Yank Disappears
Doreen Brown

3/22/1946 - Some one from Home
Mrs. Reinhardt, Mrs. Brandt and Mrs. Hessberger

3/24/1946 - Victoria Harradize Heenan, India War Bride

3/24/1946 -
British Bride Delighted With Hamilton Area
Jean L. Moffett

3/24/1946 - Fulton Man Brings Home British Bride
Sylvia M. Frawley

3/26/1946 - 4,000 Brides Balk at U.S.
Estimated 7,000 British girls who married GI had not registered

3/26/1946 - Josephine Romano, Italian Brides

3/26/1946 -
French Bride, Janine LaMora arrives at Watertown

3/28/1946 - British Girl Flies to Marry Paralyzed GI,
Ex-Soldier Told to Support English Bride: Peggy Burgess Karvelis

3/28/1946 - Oswego Veteran Greets War Bride
Helen Ladd

3/29/1946 - Muskegon Shops Paradise For French Bride of John Crowell

3/30/1946 - One GI Brides Syps Second;
Court Holds Her – 6 months: Minna Fanni Addams

3/30/1946 - Finger Lakes Country Pleases English Bride
Mary M. Lavarnway of England and daughter Mary P. arrived onboard the SS Washington on Mar. 26, 1946

4/1/1946 - War Brides Leaving Auckland, New Zealand

4/5/1946 - British Bride Arrives
Ruth Poore

4/06/1946 - War bride honored at St. Regis Falls
Francis L. [Crewdson] Austin

4/08/1946 - British War Bride Joins Her Husband
Mary Gertrude Bracy

4/08/1946 - Missing War Bride, Evelyn Poston Hunt is on.

4/09/1946 - Police Hunt Missing Bride
Mary Walker Clark

4/09/1946 - War Bride From Egypt
Mrs. Pilar Romeo Stanley

4/12/1946 - War Bride, 16, Will Seek Annulment
Evelyn Poston said,“He deceived me."

4/14/1946 - Seeks War Bride After Groom's Death
Sheila Jean [Tweedell] Skaggs

4/14/1946 - Former Wife of Swindler Arrives in U.S. as GI Brides
Arlette Stavisky Cook

4/14/1946 - Elizabeth Weir Woodward, great day for Irish

4/16/1946 - Jean Papline Carbone, Flier’s Wife May Sue For Divorce

4/16/1946 - GI Bride to Contest Divorce
Bridget Waters

4/16-27/1946 - Bridget Waters and son Frank, Jr.

4/17/1946 - GI’S French War Bride Arrives in Potsdam
Genevieve Bonno

4/20/1946 - Baby Her 'Passport'
Beatrice Marais

4/22/1946 - War Bride Arrives
Kathleen D. Maiura

4/23/1946 - Audrie Duncan

4/24/1946 - Welsh Widow Kept Secret Sorrow

4/25/1946 - Victory Crowns Diaper Search
Syracuse Red Cross Aids War Mothers

4/26/1946 - British War Bride Sued for Divorce
Bridget M. T. Waters

4/28/1946 - English War Bride Arrives in Auburn
Mary G. [Griffin] Brown

4/28/1946 - British War Bride To Live in Trolley
Problem solve for housing problem

5/03/1946 - British War Bride Mrs. Jacques Joins Husband

5/04-5/1946 - GI Brides Stays Home
June Marsico of England

5/13/1946 - Delivered Iron Lung
Margie Anderson

5/17/1946 - W.A. Brides arrive in American
Fred C. Ainsworth

5/18/1946 - Last War Bride At Home in Massena
Christine Kocienski of England

5/19/1946 - British Film “The Seventh Veil,” opens
British GI Brides will share the spotlight

5/20/1946 - British Twins Wed GI’s
June and Doreen Robbins

5/22/1946 - Fourth Ship Baby Dies
Zebulon Vance

5/24/1946 - Elsie King Rodger
from Minster Lovell, Oxford, England to Arlington Heights, IL

5/24/1946 - Baby’s Death on Brideship Brings Suit
Zebulon Vance

5/24/1946 - War Brides Baby Toll Now 9 as 2 More Die
General George W. Goethals

5/24/1946 - Prospector’s Gleanings

5/27/1946 - Bride Ride Balks Again
Josephine Hatton

5/27/1946 - Fulton Death Ninth Among GI Babies
Zebulon Vance

5/28/1946 - Stranded War Brides On Way

5/30/1946 - Most Australian Wives Left England

5/30/1946 - English Girl Weds Ex-GI
Elizabeth Ainsworth Cahill

5/31/1946 - French War Bride Comes To Oneonta
Lilliane Helene Grant

5/31/1946 - Three More GI Babies Ill
John Ericsson

6/1946 - School for Unofficial Ambassadors

6/02/1946 - GI Babies Fly Atlantic
Judy Rocz and Brendan Olney

6/05/1946 - War Brides Leave

6/06/1946 - Age Ban Asked On Shipping Babies

6/08/1946 - Margaret Garrett
War Bride Unhappy About Arrival in U.S.

6/8-11/1946 - Babies Died On Zebulon Vance

6/11/1946 - Clare Branson
Italian War Bride Ends Life in Illinois

6/13/1946 - Phyllis Brown
War Romance Ends

6/15/1946 - War Bride – Nip Style!
Mrs. Fred Kats of Philadelphia

6/16/1946 - Ex-Army Nurse Free GI to Wed Stowaway
Beatrice C. Marais Stowaway

6/20/1946 - Nazis Beat War Bride
Alberti Lewis

6/21-24/1946 - GI Wives Arrive In Japan

6/24/1946 - G.I. War Brides Arrive in Japan

6/26/1946 - Bride ‘Meets’ GI’s Mother
Over Transatlantic Phone: Lee Grosch

6/29/1946 - 2 Christmas Days in U.S.
Were you a member of the Rainbow Club?

10/1946 - Girls' 600 Mile Car Dash For Bride Ship

11/4/1946 - Many U.S. War Marriages Were Bigamous

11/6/1946 - One to Five Years in Gaol
Mrs. Bridget Waters

11/29/1946 - Joy Hessgerber
Stork Ousts Turkey

12/03/1946 - A Piece of Cake For G.I. Brides

12/22/1946 - Quads For A British War Bride
Mrs. Charles Henn

1/13/1947 - Army Bride Ship Service Will Resume this Month

4/27/1947 - War Bride Finds Husband Unhurt In Texas City
Betty Wilson of Chester, England

4/28/1947 - Australian Bride Offers Right Eye To Get Fare Home
Australian Phyllis May Wood

5/15/1947 - Blood Mixture Cause of Deportation
Monica Dias and Lena White

7/29/1947 - First Degree Murder
Margaret Irene Poland

12/24/1947 - Last War Bride
to Enter the US Under War Bride Act Mrs. Gus W. McGill

2/5/1948 - Japanese War Brides Arrive From Nippon
Mrs. Vincent Costello and Mrs. Doyle Sims

6/28/1948 - War Bride's Death From Burns
Mrs. Paul Ashcroft

12/17-24/1949 - Free At Last
Valentina Gardner held in detention in San Francisco for 13 mos.

6/2-9/1950 - 43 British War Brides Amazing Trip Back Home

2/27/1959 - Mother Get £35 For U.S. Visit

1950 - Knauff v. Shaughnessy
German Bride and the War Bride Act

10/23/1950 - War Bride Temporarily Reunited
Elizabeth Forsberg, German War Bride

4/03/1952 - Why German Women Want Negro Husbands

May 1996 - Here Come The Brides
by Kit Carlson

2005 - Pestering of American Troops by Loose Women

2009 - Queen Mary
Most Haunted Place in America the RMS Queen Mary
by Tracy Morris
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