The American War Bride Experience

GI Brides of World War II

World Herald, Omaha -- January 27, 1946

Vet Buys Antiques For
His English Wife

Lucky indeed is the British bride of Jonas H. Johnson. It’s a long way from Ipswich to Ames, IA, but she’ll feel right at home in English setting he provided.

Searching for antiques, Mr. Jacobson came from his home in Ames to Omaha and headed straight for the Jumble Shop. There he rummaged around to his heart’s content and was rewarded the by a “find – two egg cups.

He told his story to Mrs. C. J. Collins and other volunteer workers at the Shop. A sergeant with the Eighth Air Force, Mr. Jacobson met his wife, Barbara Drake at the British Welcome Club in Ipswich. They were married last July and Sergeant Jacobson came back to be discharged in December. His wife has been employed at a chemist’s shop (drug store) and is expected to arrive in the United States in February.

Ready and waiting for her is an old earthenware teapot which has been in the Jacobson family for many years. There are also some choice old brass pieces Mr. Jacobson picked up in England. And of course the precious egg cups.

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