The American War Bride Experience

GI Brides of World War II

French Mother of GIís Bride
Put off Boat

LE HAVRE, France, March 6 (AP) Nearly 500 French and Belgian wives and children of American soldiers dialed for the United States today after the departure of their transport, the George S. Goethals, was delayed 20 minutes when the mother of one bride tried to stow away.

Army authorities finally persuaded Mmd. Lulu Politzer of Paris the she could not make the trip. Mmd. Politzer is the mother of Mrs. Josette Addelson who is en route to join her husband, former Warrant Officer Jack Addelson of Altoona, Pa.

The incident did not damper the gaiety of the brides. Nor were they disturbed when their transport bumped into the stern of the U.S.S. General Anderson which was loading American soldiers for a homeward voyage. No one was hurt and no damage was done. The soldier joined in the singing and joking as the bride ship pulled out of Le Havre.

Army authorities said the George W. Goethals would arrive in New York in less than two weeks.

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