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Tuesday October 9th, 1945
Brides from Gwent for London March

Pontypool will be represented at the demonstration in London on Thursday by British brides of American servicemen. The women want an acceleration of transport and other arrangements to enable them to follow their husbands to the USA. Many of these young women, who are from all parts of Great Britain, are by now mothers, and with the demobbing of their husbands, they are anxious to set up family life in the land of their adoption.

The Pontypool district has its quota of brides of GI Joes. Pontypool wives in the demonstration are expected to include Mrs. J. Jessen, 8 Coedcal Place, Mrs. Martin, 3 Hereford Place, Crumlin Street, Mrs. Ray Bennett, West Place. They will carry their own Pontypool banner.

Mrs. Jessen states they are desirous of contacting and having the support of all Pontypool district brides of American servicemen.

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