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March 5, 1946 - Syracuse Herald Journal (Syracuse, New York)

Gen. Goethals will bring French and Belgian war brides and babies

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Paris (INS) – The vanguard of 6,000 French and Belgian war brides and babies who will be transported to the U.S. at government expense began filling aboard the American Army transport Gen. Goethals today.

Sailing time had been scheduled for later today, but because the vessel was late in arriving at Le Havre, the first French-Belgian group many not sail for their new homes until tomorrow.

The Goethals will carry 435 brides and babies – all of whom have been processed and given thorough physical examinations.

The were housed in U.S. Army nurses’ quarters at Le Havre during the processing period, and all seemed eager to be on their way when their ship came in.

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