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Queen Mary to Dock Today With GI Wives

The Queen Mary sped at a 23-knot pace today on the last lap of her journey with British wives and children of servicemen and was scheduled to arrive at a New York pier at noon Sunday.

Because of the strike of tugboat workers, army tugs will nose the liner into the pier, it was annouced. The gangplank will drop at noon to debark civilian passengers. The first 500 wives, all of whom will live within a radius of 200 miles of New York, are scheduled to go ashore at 5 p.m.

The remainder of the wives and children will stay aboard overnight. These are expected to be landed at 8:30 p.m. Monday. Once the wives and children land they will start journeys which will take them to to every state in the union.

New York state claims the largest number with 205 wives and 75 children. Pennsylvania is nextwith 142 wives and 56 children. New Jersey will receive 76 wives and 25 children; Illinois 106 wives and 50 children; California, 102 wives and 24 children; Ohio, 98 wives and 31 children; Texas, 56 wives and 24 children and Wisconsin 44 wives and 19 children.

At noon, today the liner ws about 500 miles off New York and was proceeding through relatively calm seas. The weather was cool.

Completed figures from the purser's office show there are 1666 wives and 668 children aboard.

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