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British Wives Met by St. Louis Veterans

Eager to see their wives and children after many months' separation, several St. Louis area veterans were in New York yesterday to greet their brides when they arrived with a continent of 17 women and seven children on route to St. Louis from England.

The women, all natives of British, were part of a shipload of 2334 women and children scheduled to have arrived Saturday, but held back because of storms.

Earl F. Timm of [...] was typical of the veterans who went to the eastern seaport the middle of last week to await their wives' arrival. An employe of the Terminal Railroad company, he had not seen his wife, Betty, or his son Earl, since the latter was 13 days old. Timm was in service for four years until last November, and was stationed in England with the Army Air Forces for two years.


Most of the husbands conformed to government and Red Cross requests, however, and awaited their wives here.

David E. Tuble, a machinist of [...], was looking forward with more than the usual anticipation to the arrival of his wife, Kathleen, a London girl. With her will be their 17 month-old son, Eugene, whom Rubie, a former corporal, has never seen.

"I was in service for 22 months," he explained, "but I was discharged in August, 1944, and I had to leave England a month before the baby was born. I wonder if he'll know who I am?"

Most of the wives wrote, telephoned or cabled their husbands shortly before the Queen Mary sailed last Monday, all of them expressing eagerness to be with their husbands and see the United States. None of them has ever been in this country before.


Others who arrived besides Mrs. Timm and Mrs. Ruble are; Mrs. J. E. Trusdale, wife of Lloyd Trusdale, [...]; Mrs. Vincensz Ditmeyer, and Michael Ditmeyer, wife and son of Michael J. Ditmeyer, [...]; Mrs. Lilah May Contine, wife of Paul Contine, [...]; Mrs. Marie M. Wormek, wife of Raymond J. Wormek, [...]; Mrs. Edith E. Lange, wife of Alvin J. Lange, [...]; Mrs. Nora Hansen, wife of Walter R. Hansen, [...]; Mrs. Mabel Atchison, and Jeanne Stchison, 14 months old, wife and daughter of Paul W. Atchison, [...]; and Mrs. Gwendolyn Johnson, wife of William C. Johnson, [...].

Mrs. Kathleen Barry, wife of Harold Barry, [...]; Mrs. Kathleen Tissier and Raymond Tissier, 1 year old, wife and son of Gregory B. Tissier, [...]; Mrs. Betty Orahood and Cheryl Annice Orahood, 7 months old, wife and daughter of Raymond L. Orahood, [...]; Mrs. Margery Brumitt and Patricia Brumitt, 4 months old, wife and daughter of Oscar L. Brumitt, [...]; Mrs. Marie Hurley, wife of Charles Hurley, [...]Mrs. Iris May Lotz, wife of Filbert Lotz, [...]; and Mrs. Doreen Wendle, wife of Edgar Wendle [rest of article is missing]

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