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"British War Brides: Data Marine
More than one hundred thousand British war brides and large numbers of children sailed away, mostly bound for Canada, the United States, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand.

In the Mood
Got In Ihe Mood with this wonderful show devoted to the 1940's
Come hear the music that moved The Nation's Spirit!

Bay Area WWII War Brides Past & Present Exhibit
Italian War Bride, Francesca Stewart was be to tell her story of war torn Italy.

Queen Mary; WWII
Crossing between 1940 | 1941 | 1942 | 1943 | 1944 | 1945 | 1946 |

  • 12/12 - Glenn Booker New Magazines
    Ethel (Price) Forse
    Peggy (Davies) Bridge
    Americian Olive (Collins) Williams
    Jean (Ireland) Heidelbach and
    Joan (D'Alton) Mitchell
  • 1/13 - GIs in Magazine
    Dorreen (Marley) Heath
    Thelma (Williams) Jones and
    Marie (Rees) Tallon
There are many records, stories and news articles here. I hope you will find it helpful in learning about these strong wonderful war brides.
This is the largest immigration of women to ever come to the U.S. They left their families and everything they knew behind for the love of a soldier. Many of these brides knew that they would never see family and friends again. These brides hoped for a better life, some had a wonderful life while many did not. Fear of never being able to see their children if they left plus the lack of money keep them here.

Please fill in my Questionnaire, mail it to me or keep it for your family, Do it today. Don't let your story die with you. Your story is important. I want to hear from you, please.

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