The American War Bride Experience

GI Brides of World War II

1946 Queen Mary Brings War Brides
into New York Harbor

Historic original International News Photos, Inc. photo of the famous ship the Queen Mary steaming past the Statue Of Liberty with 1,719 British war brides and thier 615 chidren. Note the early helicopters escorting the ship! From the Times Union of Albany N.Y. archives.
Queen Mary from helicopter.
Queen Mary
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Lady Liberty Welcomes British War Brides

New York .... The Queen Mary, carrying 1,719 British war brides and their 615 children, steams majestically past the Statue of Liberty as she goes to her Hudson river pier. The famous Symbol of Freedon was a cheering sight to the British girls who had married U.S. soldiers overseas and were now coming to a new home.

Photo by Bob Gilman 3/18/1946

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