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Dreams and Nightmares Dreams and Nightmares of a German War Bride [Paperback]
By Mathilde M. Morris
Paperback: 368 pages
Publisher: Cambridge Writers Press (1998)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1575028891
ISBN-13: 978-1575028897

Bride and Beetle The Bride and the Beetle [Paperback]
By John Hennessy Jr.

Paperback: 168 pages
Publisher: Dorrance Publishing Co. Inc.
ISBN-10: 1434907872
ISBN-13: 978-1434907875

In the desolation of post-war Germany, at a time when even life s basic essentials of food and clothing are hard to come by, can two hearts find an abiding love? John, an American G.I., and Hilde, a beautiful German interpreter, meet and fall in love, but face daunting challenges not only the specter of the anti-fraternization policy that threatens to keep them apart, but also the separation of miles and months of waiting hopefully for reunion as they negotiate difficult bureaucratic and legal hurdles.

Brought together by a chance introduction, John and Hilde are given a second chance at love by the luck of the draw when John wins the opportunity to buy a 1946 Volkswagen Beetle. When the United States military establishment intervenes to prevent the alliance of this determined American soldier with his German sweetheart, the Beetle makes the distance between them disappear. At Hilde s request, John brings the Beetle home as a souvenir the first ever in the United States so that they will always remember the role it played in keeping their love alive.

Snapshots of War BridesSnapshots of a War Bride's Life
By Joy Beebe

Published by Barbara Jensen
Rating: Not yet rated.
Published: Aug. 07, 2012
Words: 41044 (approximate)
ISBN: 9781476160719
This is a 1940s factual account of a young English girl and her family living and working through World War II. From the scary sounds of bombs, sleeping on mattresses under a table for years and watching the city of London burn from afar, Joy meets an American soldier Carl and leaves her homeland ~ not returning for 20 years. With only $10 upon their 1948 arrival in New York after a very long and rough sea crossing, the couple successfully build their life in Salem, Oregon, USA.
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Squirrel is Alive Squirrel is Alive: A Teenager in the Belgian Resistance and French Underground
by Mary [Mireille Brouillard]Rostad and Susan T. Hessel

This is the incredible story of Mary Rostad’s early life. Mireille Brouillard was 16 years old when the Nazis conquered her home city of Brussels in May 1940. She joined the resistance movement, serving in Belgium and later France, primarily as a courier of underground documents.
At the end of World War II, Rostad met U.S. Army Staff Sergeant Allen Rostad. They married and moved to Houston, Minn., in 1946. Professor Greg Wegner, author of Anti-Semitism and Schooling Under the Third Reich, said that Rostad’s “civic courage remains a model for teachers and students in Holocaust education.”
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Melancholy Baby Melancholy Baby: The Unplanned Consequences of the G.I.s' Arrival in Europe for World War II
Hardcover: 184 pages
Publisher: Praeger Publishers (May 30, 2000)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0897896394
ISBN-13: 978-0897896399
Product Dimensions: 1 x 0.6 x 0.1 inches
Shipping Weight: 1.1 pounds

More than a million American G.I.s were crammed into the UK prior to the invasion of France during World War II. Wherever they landed, the G.I.s took the British population by surprise. Very few people had ever met a real American before. In those days, the U.S. was more remote than Siberia is to the present generation. All anyone knew about Americans had been learned from the silver screen. How could they be resisted? We can only guess at the total number of children that the G.I.s left behind. Figures quoted have varied from 10,000 to 100,000 but there are no official sources on which to base these numbers. Not surprisingly, these children today represent as much of a social cross section as the women who dated the G.I.s. But regardless of background, they all share the common goal of wanting to find the American father who holds the other half of their personal history. This book relates the social history of the military situation of World War II in Europe. It records how many British were dazzled by and fell in love with American G.I.s who arrived in the U.K. to train for the Invasion of France. Although some married their sweethearts, many more did not. Meanwhile, on the Continent, young women who became pregnant ended up in dire social straits. What is important now is that the children of these liaisons should have the opportunity to learn about the missing half of their heritage. Pamela Winfield, president of TRACE, a nonprofit group that helps these children find missing parents, tells us their stories.

Boomerang Returns The Boomerang Returns [Paperback]
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Ruth Frost, an Australian war bride thought most of her diaries of her life story could be digested into one book.
That was not to be.
The Boomerang Returns, her second book, finds her visiting her family in Melbourne after 14 years of living in the Midwest of the United States. On her return to her family, her husband Bill drops a bombshell in her lap. “How would you like to migrate to Australia?” Ruth adored living in the States. She wouldn’t have minded moving to California: away from the extreme cold of the Midwest. After all, Bill was not a man for change: not that big of a change! The children loved the idea. Once their application papers to migrate were signed and the children no longer had to keep their secret, Ruth threw her body and soul into their new exciting adventure. Their ship, the ‘Orcades’ on her farewell voyage arrived in Sydney in the wake of the ‘Oriana’ to the most spectacular welcome by the people of Sydney. The Oriana was on her maiden voyage on New Years Eve 1960.
Settling in Melbourne in a two-bedroom house overrun with rats and mosquitoes, they found pioneering with a copper, ice chest and an outdoor toilet was going to take some getting used to. Ruth went from housewife to ‘Centre Stage’ in the field of advertising after she left her first job at the Mutual Store.

Margaret Wharton Seeing Through Savernake: Living a British Life During World War II [Paperback]
WWII Voices: American GI’s and the French Women Who Married Them By Margaret H. Wharton
Paperback: 352 pages
Publisher: Quarter Bound Press (November 1, 2010)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0983021198
ISBN-13: 978-0983021193
Set foot in Savernake Forest in pre-WW II England and wander with the young and practical Peggy Wharton as she learns about her homeland and recounts it for you in detail. Wharton vividly narrates her observations for us in remarkable detail and tells us about her fellow students at Marlborough Grammar School including William Golding (Nobel Prize winning author of Lord of the Flies) who, she recalls, “races expertly in the mud.” The home is a relaxed setting and casual as Mrs. Wedgewood, matriarch of the centuries old Wedgewood pottery family, visits her father’s marquetry shop to marvel at his fine craftsmanship and purchases his handmade furnishings. Margaret H. Wharton provides us with delicate and fascinating details of her life on The Downs in pre-war Wiltshire, England. She superbly describes her understanding of the landscape of England and her descriptions are so vivid and unique that ‘Bill’ Golding found himself “enlightened.” Wharton uses her very keen memory and sharp literary skill to tell us a story that has not been told before. Read about the transformation of a young English school girl from Marlborough, England, who becomes a World War II G.I. War Bride in post-war America.

Margaret Wharton Back to Britain: The Holiday Journals of a G.I. Bride (Social History) [Paperback]
Paperback: 342 pages
Publisher: Sutton Publishing Ltd (29 Dec 1994)
Language English
ISBN-10: 0750908300
ISBN-13: 978-0750908306
The third volume in the author's series of memoirs has been compiled from her travel journals, written over a period of 20 years during which she revisited Britain twelve times.

Margaret Wharton Recollections of a GI war bride: a Wiltshire childhood
Publisher A. Sutton, 1984
Original from the University of Michigan
Digitized Dec 1, 2006
ISBN 0862991242, 9780862991241
Length 173 pages

Hilary Kaiser WWII Voices: American GI’s and the French Women Who Married Them
By Hilary Kaiser
Published By Summertime Publications Inc
Published: May. 14, 2011
Language: English
These oral histories give voice to both American veterans who chose to reside in France after World War II and to French women who married GIs and subsequently emigrated to the United States. They bring to life the realities of World War II in France, North Africa, England, Belgium, Holland, Italy and Germany. "Vibrantly alive...."- Jean Heffer, EHESS, Paris, France

These oral histories give voice to both American veterans who chose to reside in France after World War II and to French women who married GIs and subsequently emigrated to the United States. They bring to life the realities of World War II in France, North Africa, England, Belgium, Holland, Italy and Germany. We meet a secret agent launching kayaks in cold Algerian waters, an imposing sergeant wading ashore at Utah Beach, an American medic treating a German soldier in a Norman church and a commander crawling over to a burning tank to save one of his "boys"….And we learn to understand the French war brides through their childhood and wartime memories, their encounters with their GI husbands and their marriages, with the attendant joys and difficulties involved in adapting to life in America in the 1940s.
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Emilia Zecchino Only in America: memories of faith, inspiration, love and business

ISBN:9781605946580 - 304 pages -Hardcover

Italian war bride, Emilia Zecchino wrote a story that is extremely interesting and of inspiration guided by divine consecration and state of the art opportunity. Not surprising, the culinary theme runs through her life. First in a grocery store where the delicious smells of cooking invited local housewives to shop, through the trials and tribulations of growing her business to the last anxious moments of the sale of Holiday Foods to the Schwan Food Company."
Small Price To Pay How Emilia Did It

Paulette Kneeland Paulette, The Story of a War Bride
By Paulette S. Kneeland

Paperback: 130 pages
Publisher: Athena Press (April 15, 2010)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 184748719X
ISBN-13: 978-1847487193
Product Dimensions: 7.8 x 5 x 0.5 inches

During the Second World War, a young French girl of Spanish descent meets an American lieutenant. They fall in love and get married, and she crosses the Mediterranean Sea and Atlantic Ocean in the middle of the war to start her new life in the U.S., while he continues to serve in Italy, France, and Germany. She ends up in Mexico City, where her husband was born. This is the story of her family's struggle to survive during the war, and what it took for her to adapt to her new life.

(Paulette was born in Oran, Algeria and married an American Lieutenant born in Mexico.)

Remaking Chinese America Remaking Chinese America: Immigration, Family, and Community, 1940-1965
by Xiaojian Zhao
EDITION:1st Edition
PUB. DATE:November 2001
PUBLISHER: Longleaf Services

In Remaking Chinese America, Xiaojian Zhao explores the myriad forces that changed and unified Chinese Americans during a key period in American history. Prior to 1940, this immigrant community was predominantly male, but between 1940 and 1965 it was transformed into a family-centered American ethnic community. Zhao pays special attention to forces both inside and outside of the country in order to explain these changing demographics. She scrutinizes the repealed exclusion laws and the immigration laws enacted after 1940. Careful attention is also paid to evolving gender roles, since women constituted the majority of newcomers, significantly changing the sex ratio of the Chinese American population. As members of a minority sharing a common cultural heritage as well as enduring pressures from the larger society, Chinese Americans networked and struggled to gain equal rights during the cold war period. In defining the political circumstances that brought the Chinese together as a cohesive political body, Zhao also delves into the complexities they faced when questioning their personal national allegiances. Remaking Chinese America uses a wealth of primary sources, including oral histories, newspapers, genealogical documents, and immigration files to illuminate what it was like to be Chinese living in the United States during a period that - until now - has been little studied.

Oral Histories from the Filipino American Filipino Women in Detroit 1945-1955
By Joseph A. Galura and Emily P. Lawsin
OCSL Press
Oral Histories from the Filipino American
Who were the women who immigrated to Detroit from the Philippines following World War Two? What challenges did they face? What strategies of survival can readers learn from these experiences?

This book examines the lives of three Filipina American women, Tomasa Balberone, Rosalina Regala, and Isabel Galura, as they tell their stories in their own words. Grouped along the themes of War, America, Community, and Family, these women’s oral histories reflect the different types of Filipina women who immigrated to Michigan during the post-World War II era: a war bride, a descendant of an American citizen, and a student interning in health care. Their transcripts and photographs chart the patterns of Filipino American migration, housing, labor, courtship, family systems, ethnic identity, and community formation in urban and suburban areas of Michigan. Several features have been included about Filipino American and Detroit history to help the reader contextualize the narratives. Through these oral histories, we gain insight into the world of three friends, now retired in their 70s. Rooted in community service and learning, this book encompasses the work of students, faculty, staff, and community members involved in the Filipino American Oral History Project of Michigan.

About the Authors: Joseph A. Galura is Director of Project Community and Co-Director of the Lives of Urban Children and Youth Initiative at the University of Michigan’s Ginsberg Center for Community Service and Learning. Emily P. Lawsin is a Lecturer II in American Culture and Women’s Studies at the University of Michigan. Together, they team-teach Filipino American history in the Asian/Pacific American Studies Program at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.

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The Letters Of Mary Price Barber War Bride: The Letters Of Mary Price Barber
David Barber (Author)
Publisher: Authorhouse (April 4, 2004)
Language: English
ISBN: 1-4134-5211-6 (Paperback )
ISBN: 1-4134-5212-4 (Hardback )

Mary Price, a Welsh nurse, met Samuel Barber, an American Lieutenant in Britain, during World War II. A romance developed between them and Mary began to write Sam letters during their separations. After the war and many delays, Mary was finally able to immigrate to America in June of 1947. Mary and Sam married and had two children, Elizabeth and David. Mary continued her nursing career in the United States and worked for more than 30 years as a registered nurse in the United States. These letters Mary wrote to Samuel were discovered some years after her death and are edited by her son, David John Price Barber.

Japanese War Brides Japanese War Brides in America: An Oral History
By Miki Ward Crawford, Katie Kaori Hayashi, and Shizuko Suenaga
Hardcover: 268 pages
Publisher: Praeger (November 25, 2009)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0313362017
ISBN-13: 978-0313362019

Following the end of World War II, Congress passed the War Brides Act of 1945, which allowed foreign wives of U.S. military personnel to immigrate to the United States. However, with the ban of Asian immigration after World War II, the sudden influx of thousands of women created social tension while opening up one of the country's largest cross-cultural integrations. This book reveals the stories of nineteen Japanese war brides whose assimilation into American culture forever influenced future generations, depicting love, strength, and perseverance in the face of incredible odds. With an estimated 50,000 women who migrated from Japan to the U.S. during 1946-1965, they all hold a unique place in American history and have been called ambassadors to the U.S. For the first time in English these women share their triumphs, sorrows, successes, and identity in a time when their own future was tainted by social segregation.

This oral history focuses mainly on women's lives during World War II and the occupation of Japan. It illuminates the cultural expectations, the situations brought about by the war, and effects of the occupation, and also includes quotes from various war brides regarding this time. Chapter interviews are set up in chronological fashion and laid out in the following format: introduction of the war bride, how she met her husband, her initial travels to America, and life thereafter. Where needed, explanations, translations, and background history with references are provided.

Ingeborg Johnston The UNBELIEVABLE ADVENTURES of a World War II German War Bride
By Ingeborg Johnston
The UNBELIEVABLE ADVENTURES of a World War II German War Bride including a collection of Acts of Kindness in War and Peace. Inge’s adventures started when she was a teenage World War II emergency Red Cross Nurse in Berlin through the final days of the war in 1945. She managed to survive the relentless accelerated bombings of Berlin by the Allied Forces. Her adventures are still going strong some 64 years later.
Ask Ingeborg Johnston. She has answers and she has adventures. At 84 she still works passionately providing health professionals around the country necessary knowledge in the fields of nutrition, health and life enhancement. She graduated in the first class of CN ® Certified Nutritionists from the National Institute of Nutritional Education (NINE) in 1985. She is now president of the Institute of American Health and Science LLC an international training and credentialing organization specializing in those same fields.

Ingeborg with her friends, collecting over 1,000,000 hugs in efforts to start a National Hug Holiday in America in the 1970s. For almost twenty years, Ingeborg smuggled drugs supplied by her doctor friends in Denver into East Berlin through the Iron Curtain (she is close to the top as far as the number of times American civilians have passed through Check Point Charlie) to help her dearly loved dad who had very serious asthma and heart problems. The drugs gave her dad a chance to live a more comfortable life a little longer. This was done at great danger to herself and her family. "I’ve never realized my life has been filled with so many adventures," concludes Ingeborg, mother of two bright, athletic and successful daughters. "Of the two kinds of people in the world, the safely-seated spectators and the very active participators, too many of the first watch too few of the latter."
This is only a few of Ingeborg's adventures. To read more about her book or to order it go to

Letter from an airlield Letters From An Airfield: The True Story Of A GI Bride Of The Mighty Eighth by Jack Rosenthal
ISBN: 0752452525
EAN: 9780752452524
No. of Pages: 192
Publish Date: 2010-04-30
'It was if they came from another planet' reflected one Suffolk farm worker remembering the arrival of the 'Yanks' in 1944. 'They took the place by storm!' recalled an old lady - with a twinkle in her eye because, more than the place, it was the young women they took. The tall, courteous, big-spending strangers often became the first love and sometimes the love of a life. In "Over Here", Jack Rosenthal tells the story of one such romance, particularly significant to him as he would become its offspring.

Using letters preserved by his mother, Rosenthal reconstructs the relationship from the day of its beginning in March 1944, to its culmination in marriage in July 1945. With the stories behind linked weddings the narrative ranges from a dramatic escape after the fall of Hong Kong to the nightmares of the Arctic convoys and is supported by lively insights into the histories and social circumstances of the four families involved. Publisher: History Press Author: Jack Rosenthal Language: English

Bear Point The Secret of Bear Point: A Collection of Short Stories by H.M.S. Knight (R.I. First German War Bride)
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781434905246
Publisher: DORNC
Publish Date: 3/4/2010

What if there was extraterrestrial life in our very own solar system—sharing an orbit with Earth? What if it made contact?

As a marine biologist, Professor Anne Weston dedicated her existence to the study of life on Earth. Yet it could take a mysterious alien being to show her the true meaning of life.

Recently widowed and coping with the loss of her husband, Anne retreats to Bear Point, she and her husband’s favored vacation spot in Maine’s lake region. While there, Anne makes an alarming discovery, one that sets in motion a series of events that will change the lives of her and everyone around her.

In The Secret of Bear Point, H. M. S. Knight shows that there’s more to life on Earth than meets the eye. At once poignant, suspenseful and thought provoking, The Secret of Bear Point examines the true nature of human beings and the mystifying interconnectedness of all living things.

Also included in this tome is a collection of short stories by the author. In her stories, Knight addresses many of the trials—both humorous and tragic—of a long and extraordinary life. After adjusting to a newly liberated yet incredibly chaotic existence in pre– and post–World War II Germany (based on her own life experience), Knight’s protagonists must cope with the aftermath of war, adapt to cultural differences with Americans, learn important life lessons on both sides of the Atlantic, and even find love.

(190 pages) Dorrance Publishing Company, Incorporated, available at Borders

entangling Entangling Alliances: Foreign War Brides and American Soldiers in the Twentieth Century (Hardcover)
By Susan Zeiger
Product Details:
Hardcover: 320 pages
Publisher: NYU Press (March 22, 2010)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0814797172
ISBN-13: 978-0814797174
Product Dimensions: 9 x 6.4 x 1 inches
Shipping Weight: 1.2 pounds (View shipping rates and policies)
Cost 45.00

Throughout the twentieth century, American male soldiers returned home from wars with foreign-born wives in tow, often from allied but at times from enemy nations, resulting in a new, official category of immigrant: the “allied” war bride. These brides began to appear en masse after World War I, peaked after World War II, and persisted through the Korean and Vietnam Wars. GIs also met and married former “enemy” women under conditions of postwar occupation, although at times the US government banned such unions.

In this comprehensive, complex history of war brides in 20th-century American history, Susan Zeiger uses relationships between American male soldiers and foreign women as a lens to view larger issues of sexuality, race, and gender in United States foreign relations. Entangling Alliances draws on a rich array of sources to trace how war and postwar anxieties about power and national identity have long been projected onto war brides, and how these anxieties translate into public policies, particularly immigration.

Paulus Paulus World War II Letters From the German Front (Paperback)
by Erika Claudius Wolfe (Author), Jack R. Meister (Translator)

Product Details:
Paperback: 235 pages
Publisher: Wasteland Press (2009)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1600473083
ISBN-13: 978-1600473081

"Paul Claudius's often poetic letters, preserved by his loving wife for decades and handed down to his talented daughter, Erika, unlock a wealth of information about life as a Wehrmacht soldier during the latter stages of World War II. Framed by his love for his wife, family and country, the moments and political workings of the war flow from his pen in artistic strokes. Here the language barrier, penned in an old German script, has been lifted, and the commonality of human suffering during war has been laid bare. Paul Claudius and his family represent all families and all soldiers in time of conflict." - Jack R. Meister.

"As a small child, Erika Wolfe lost her father, a German soldier in World War II. Most of a lifetime later, she found him again in a series of letters he had written to her mother. She was only able to read these letters after her mother's death and with the assistance of Jack Meister, who deciphered the script her father wrote in. Thus, each letter came to her slowly and in the order written. At intervals in this process of discovery and rediscovery, Erika provides her own recollections, explanations and responses, the latter in both prose and poetry. Her father is thoughtful and articulate, a young man who very much wants to hold together a world that is violently taken from him.. Erika's responses combine passionate intensity with the maturity and wisdom of a life lived fully. By profession an artist, she is also a fine poet who writes with clarity and precision. The two voices in this book are well worth listening to. "- Thomas P. Gardner, Professor of English, Creative writing and Literature at Southeastern Community College.

Italian Bride The Italian Girl and The Soldier: 1944 - 1947 (Paperback)
by Glenn Dykstra

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A true love story of an Italian Girl, who met an American GI. Luisa's family were fascist from Naples, Italy. Before she would marry the handsome soldier he must first get permission from the Pope to marry her. Learn about their many trails and tribulations such as Survival in the Alps, Seeing the death of Mussolini, riding horses for Massi Academy of Riding and Jumping in Florence and Luisa travelling to America. Luisa experience with life in Butler, Missouri.

Nebraska Stories Nebraska Stories: Tales of Cowboys, Ranchers, and Assorted Characters
by Craig Savoye
ISBN: 978-0-578-03277-1
Price: $14.95
BROKEN BOW, Neb. — It started with cocktail party chatter in suburban St. Louis. But this wasn't ordinary city slicker gossip. These were stories of cowboys and cattlemen, ropers and riders, drinkers and brawlers, ranch wives and war brides, odd neighbors and crazy bulls. The tales hooked Craig Savoye, a college professor and author of unpublished novels and screenplays always on the lookout for a new book project. For a guy from the suburbs, the stories were magical. AdvertisingOne thought kept running through Savoye's mind: “You've got to be kidding me!''

So Savoye traveled to Nebraska to hear firsthand the stories and yarns of the Sand Hills and the people who lived in the heart of the state's cowboy country. His first stop was a master storyteller, the late Wayne Jenkins, a Callaway rancher and father of the cocktail party yarn spinner whose stories originally inspired Savoye.

Savoye returned again and again in search of Nebraska nuggets. Sometimes people didn't pan out. Sometimes he uncovered gems. Now nine years and dozens of interviews later, he has published a book featuring 23 stories and character sketches, “Nebraska Stories: Tales of Cowboys, Ranchers, and Assorted Characters.''

The West looms large in America's history, culture and psyche, Savoye said. “I don't know if it's watching Westerns at the movies or Marlboro cigarette commercials, but the cowboy mystique is hard-wired in us," Savoye said. “Many Americans are nostalgic for the ranch they didn't grow up on." Savoye said the stories and character sketches he collected tap that Big Sky longing. They are grounded in Nebraska, but the themes are universal.

Savoye struggled with how to write the stories he heard. Most were a series of disconnected 50-word anecdotes that didn't translate well to print. His solution was to tell everyone's story in Jenkins' voice, although it morphed into a conglomeration of voices, and Jenkins never met most of the people profiled in the book. “Wayne (Jenkins) gave the book its heart and soul,'' Savoye said.

Savoye said he can still hear the echo of Jenkins' twang in “Annnnnnnway ...” — a favorite transition voiced in a distinctive, arched pitch. Savoye said his Nebraska trips exposed him to a world and people he didn't know existed. Visiting the Jenkins ranch, Savoye sometimes tagged along when cattle were moved to different pastures. “For someone like me, who's driven by the clock, to get lost in the hills for hours and be so connected to the land is wonderful,'' he said. “Something about that feels real and normal, and the rest of our existence feels a little contrived."

Savoye was the stranger invited into homes — or into pool games at the local bar — for interviews with people who had only a faint understanding of what he was attempting to do. “But they wanted to be helpful, so we'd have a cup of coffee and they'd tell stories,'' Savoye said. “They're natural and come straight at you." Savoye, 53, said he was motivated by a desire to preserve stories that document, in a lighthearted manner, a way of life that is both quintessentially American and fast disappearing. “Whether forged by war, the Depression or simply the American experience of their time, I fear their breed will never come this way again,'' Savoye said. “They are some of the finest people I've ever met."

Contact the writer: 444-1127,

From the Horrors of World War II to A Great Love Story From the Horrors of World War II to A Great Love Story
By Edith Landis
Published: January, 2003
Format: Perfect Bound Softcover(B/W)
Pages: 146
Size: 6x9
ISBN: 9781553956525
"I was one of the first seven German war brides to receive permission to come to the United States to marry an ex-GI after World War II. I was the first German war bride to come to Pennsylvania. It was such a happy moment when I was finally reunited with my fiancé, Ardell L Landis, who I would marry a short time later.

Because there was so much attention given to World War II in the last few years, I was asked to speak at several historical societies and also had several speaking engagements at schools and churches. Everyone that heard my story encouraged me to write a book. This work is a product of that encouragement.

This is a true story of my life in Germany during the Hitler Regime, World War II, six years of blackouts and air raids, and the last battle of Berlin by Russian troops. This is also the story of how I met my husband and our struggle to get through all the red tape for me to come to the United States so that we could be married.

My story, unlike some others, had a happy ending. Since coming to the United States so long ago I have lived a full and happy life, but I will never forget the war and those horrible times. It is my hope that with this book I can give people a glimpse into that time in history so that my experience can speak for so many others.

This is my story."
Edith V. Landis

Dear Betty...Letters to a War Bride Dear Betty...Letters to a War Bride
by Lucas, Leslie D. Jr
Edition: First Printing
Binding: Trade Paperback
Publisher: Privately Printed, U.S.A.
Date Published: 1996
ISBN-13: 9780965056809
ISBN: 0965056805
Alibris ID: 8330406937

The Last G I Bride Wore Tartan The Last G I Bride Wore Tartan
by Fred Urquhart
Publication Date: 1947;
This is a book of short stories which are at one time very definitely written just after the war, yet also surprisingly modern. Perhaps it is just that we are used to seeing this era depicted in films of the time, which of course were much more subject to censorship.
Dunny Man’s Picnic: A War Bride’s Journey Dunny Man’s Picnic: A War Bride’s Journey
by Diana Marie Fodero
Paperback: 140 pages
Publisher: IUniverse (October 24, 2008)
ISBN-10: 0595482872
ISBN-13: 978-0595482870

Carefree and beautiful, Peggy Yeats fell in love with an American serviceman stationed in Australia. After a hasty marriage in Queensland, Peggy's beau Hart was shipped off to war. During his absence, she gave birth to Diana Marie, the author who wrote this biography of her mother's life. When the war ended in 1945, the Australian wives of American servicemen received free passage to the United States to be reunited with their husbands whom they hadn't seen in years. Peggy, Diana, and hundreds of other Australian brides boarded the S.S. Lurline for the long voyage to the states. Peggy and Hart were reunited in San Francisco and the new family boarded a train to Wichita, Kansas, where they would live with Hart's parents until they could earn a living. Peggy found life in the United States difficult and longed to return to Australia. Weaving historical detail into the narrative, this poignant biography provides a vivid account of the life of one of more than 12,000 Australian war brides and of her journey to return her homeland. Dunny Mann's Picnic captures the feelings and thoughts of one woman's struggles and triumphs.
Maria Gibson An End-Time Christian: The Victorious Journey Of A War Bride
by Gibson, Maria; Introduction: Hunt, Robert F.

Published: September 2001
ISBN: 0759633215

Gibson, a German war bride, tells of her journey as faith is challenged by evil, oppression, war, destruction, adventures and shattered dreams. This is a compelling, wise testimony to faith's triumph over danger, sorrow, pain, and despair. Gibson grew up in Germany during the rise and fall of Hitler. She attended The Teacher's Institute for Women at the University of Bayreuth. She is founder of The Master's Watchmen Ministry and hosts a weekly radio program.
Feisty Lydia Feisty Lydia: Memoirs of a War Bride
by Edna Thayer

Feisty Lydia is the personal story of a woman born in 1925 in Neuotting, Germany. Her remarkable spirit helped her to survive a premature birth, the Great Depression, death-defying experiences, the Nazi regime, and war in her home town and country. The story continues when this German war bride journeyed with her young son Johnny aboard an American troop ship to America in 1948, to join her husband John. Read how Lydia used her feisty and optimistic personality to overcome the struggles of life in a new country and to create her Elysian Fields, a place of joy and tranquility, in the city of Elysian, Minnesota. Sprinkled with glimpses of history to provide the setting, the biography of Lydia is created from personal interviews with Lydia, her family, and friends.

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Feisty Lydia: Memoirs of a German War Bride
By Edna Thayer

Paperback: 150 pages
Publisher: Minnesota Heritage Publishing
ISBN-10: 0979494087
ISBN-13: 9780979494086
Release Date: 2009-06-01
Feisty Lydia is the personal story of a woman born in 1925 in Neuotting, Germany. Her remarkable spirit helped her to survive a premature birth, the Great Depression, death-defying experiences, the Nazi regime, and war in her home town and country. The story continues when this German war bride journeyed with her young son Johnny aboard an American troop ship to America in 1948, to join her husband John. Read how Lydia used her feisty and optimistic personality to overcome the struggles of life in a new country and to create her Elysian Fields, a place of joy and tranquility, in the city of Elysian, Minnesota. Sprinkled with glimpses of history to provide the setting, the biography of Lydia is created from personal interviews with Lydia, her family, and friends.

Memoirs of a War Bride Love, War and Curling Irons
by Leni Grehl

Leni Grehl, at the age of 84, has had published an historical memoir of her childhood, her parents' lives, and growing up in Nazi Germany during World War II.

In Love, War & Curling Irons, Grehl relates the uncertainty, panic, and destruction of the war; then continues her story, as she ventures to find her grandparents in Bremen, Germany, and discovers an American sergeant has befriended them. Spellbound by their first encounter, the story portrays the two lives changed by the circumstances of war that brought them together.

Grehl was born in Duisburg, Germany, in 1924, and at the age of 13 became an apprentice hairdresser. She immigrated from Bremen in 1947 to marry Fred Grehl, an American soldier. The couple lived and worked in Paw Paw, Michigan for 35 years and raised three children. She was employed by Audrey's Beauty Salon downtown for 25 years. Her husband's family owned a resort on Three Mile Lake in the early 1940's, and later owned and operated a restaurant on Red Arrow Highway called The Bungalow.

The couple, who have eight grandchildren, and five great-grandchildren, retired to Carlsbad, New Mexico. After Fred's passing in 2006, Leni moved to Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina, to live with a daughter.

Grehl's book is presently available through Trafford Publishing for $16.95, and can be ordered through the company's Web site,, or by phone at 1-888-232-4444.

Memoirs of a War Bride War Child: Growing up in Adolf Hitler’s Germany
by Annelee Woodstrom

Anneliese Solich was born in 1926 and grew up in a small town in rural Bavaria, Germany. She saw the rise of Adolf Hitler through youthful eyes. She was 19 when Germany surrendered in May 1945. In 1947, she came to America to become the bride of a Minnesota GI who had befriended her family immediately after the war ended. Teaching herself English, Annelee eventually attended Moorhead State University to become a teacher. She taught German, psychology, civics and English. In 1984, she was selected as one of ten Teachers of Excellence by the Minnesota Education Association. Annelee retired in 1992.

Her book War Child: Growing up in Adolf Hitler’s Germany, will help people understand the reason so many Germans supported Hitler and his promises before and during World War II. Written in her own voice, she tells of the day-to-day life of her family and community and captures the perceptions that people had about Hitler, the economy, the reasons for the war and the drastic changes in their lives. It is a real insight into the struggles and the challenges of ordinary Germans.

The book was "Dedicated to the legions of innocent men, women and children of all nations drawn into wars. Their suffering was often much greater than what my family and I had endured."

Memoirs of a War Bride Memoirs of a War Bride: World War II (Paperback)
by Sheila Love

The support of a loving family, and especially by Eli, a loving devoted brother without whom I could not have survived a life built on lies, deceit and greed. He was my anchor and in many ways changed my life. In 1943, I married an American soldier while I was serving in the Royal Air Force. He was taken Prisoner of War and eventually returned to the United States. Three years later in 1946 I arrived in the States with the first shipment of War Brides. We were ecstatically happy. In my sixth month of pregnancy my life was in jeopardy because of peritonitis, but with a good surgical team we both survived. Nine weeks later my first child was born and adored by my husband However, two years and six months later my second child was born and when she was six months old, my world came crashing down on me. My husband disappeared for five years. Like my immediate family, my beloved father-in-law also played a big part in my life. My second marriage to my husband who after three years betrayed me once more my dancing career, my lovers, my loss of seven siblings. The torture I endured inwardly, and my smiling face belying my true feelings. Finally, with the guidance, love and support from my brother Eli who took me under his wings showed me the world of poverty, sickness and death,love and hate. As my future 87th. birthday approaches, I consider myself lucky and happy.

Tomaree Tomaree
by Debbie Robson

In 1942 Peggy Ashburn meets an American soldier, 1st Lt Tom Lockwood, who is based at the Shoal Bay Country Club. Their romance develops quickly. In 1972 Peggy arrives back home from the US for the funeral of her estranged mother only to discover a secret cache of letters. Set in 1942 and 1972 Tomaree explores the life of a GI War Bride and the impact of World War II on a small fishing town.
For more information visit Debbie's website at
Mary's Voyage Mary's Voyage
by Mary Caldwell (Author) and
Matthew M. Douglas (Author)

One of the most successful sailing stories ever written is Desperate Voyage by John Caldwell. Now, almost sixty years later, his wife Mary tells her own inspiring story. Born in England, Mary immigrated with her family to Australia where she spent her early youth on a farm. As a young woman, she served in the Australian Air Force. During the war she met Tex (future husband John Caldwell), a young cocky American who became the inspirational mainspring for her adventures. In 1952, after living in California for several years, Mary and John and their children became the first family to attempt a voyage around the world on a small sailing craft using only a sextant and dead reckoning to guide them across thousands of miles of ocean. Mary was pregnant at the beginning of the voyage and already had a toddler and an infant son in tow. Months would pass without sight of land. She gave birth to her youngest son in Tahiti, weathered constant seasickness and survived frightening ocean storms, several hurricanes, and a tsunami. Mary and John finally settled in the Grenadines where they built the world-renowned Palm Island resort. Mary's story of endurance and fearlessness is remarkable and inspiring.

About the Author Mary Caldwell is the widow of John Caldwell. She has led an adventurous life on three continents, and is now enjoying retirement in Florida.

Paperback: 256 pages
Publisher: Sheridan House (September 15, 2008)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1574092677
ISBN-13: 978-1574092677

The True Story of a German War Bride The True Story of a German War Bride
by Susie Pelz Grant
"The True Story of a German War Bride", has finally became a reality for author, Susie (Pelz) Grant. On April 3, 2008, Publish America delivered two copies of the newly published book to her home with the information on how the book could be purchased. Publish America has the book available for immediate purchase by going online to www.Publish or by calling the order in to 301-695-1707. Susie will also have the book available for purchase in the near future. She can be reached at 270-384-3034. The price of the book is $19.95.

Her book started as a project for her family letting them know the story of how she and her husband, Sidney Grant, met during World War II while he was stationed in Germany near her hometown of Mühlheim.

"The True Story of a German War Bride" is Susie Grant's autobiography that tells of World War II in Germany as seen thru the eyes of a young German girl. Her story takes the reader thru her young years, her marriage to an American Soldier, the death of their firstborn and travel to the new country of America where she met her new family. After many years she journeys back to Germany to reunite with her parents and family that was left behind.

Shortly after World War II she met an American soldier in a most unusual way. Nothing would have ever came of the chance meeting had her father accepted her explanation of the casual encounter. But enraged by her speaking with "one of these murderers", he disowned her and made her homeless. Her grandfather came to her rescue. He realized this soldier had nothing to do with what had happened to her family during the war. With the grandfather's help a friendship started which turned into a bittersweet love story. It took many years for her father to realize that the "enemy soldier" was not a bad guy after all.

Born and raised in Germany, Susie Grant followed her American soldier husband to his county, America. Estranged from her parents, she left everything dear to her behind, including her home, family, friends and her country. All because of a chance encounter her father could not accept.

"The True Story of a German War Bride" is truly a work of art. You won't be able to put the book down once you start reading it.

Mrs. Susie Grant's writings are very familiar to Adair Progress readers. Her "Ladies Corner" column has appeared in the Tuesday issue each week for many years.

ISBN: 1604419768
ISBN-13: 9781604419764
Format: Paperback, 228pp
Publisher: Publish America
Pub. Date: March 2008

Pavlovas To Popcorn,
A Warbrides Story Pavlovas to Popcorn
by Ruth Frost
Ruth Frost has kept a diary all her life and 'Pavlovas to Popcorn' is her personal story as a war bride married to an American soldier in 1945 and her journey to the United States in 1946. Her personal flashbacks of her life will show that with a positive attitude nothing is impossible. Her tenacity to make the best of every situation shines through in this book.

She met her husband Bill by tripping him on the ice skating rink at St. Moritz in St. Kilda Melbourne on 5th September 1942 and she tells everyone that she has kept him on ice ever since, for 62 years in fact. Their courtship of 3 years was via letters and only seeing each other for a total of 31 days out of those 3 years. Just before their wedding illness struck Ruth in the form of amnesia and the Red Cross rushed Bill down from Finchaven, New Guinea to be with Ruth in Melbourne. This story is well documented in her book and the eventual nuptials. Ruth and Bill have 4 children and 5 grandchildren and now reside on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland Australia where Ruth continues to write her memoirs at the age of 83.

This is a story of love, heartbreak, deception, intrigue, sex on the high seas and a Captain who wanted nothing to do with the 300 Australian War Brides and the 106 children by refusing to come off the bridge. The story takes you into the backlash of a tidal wave; the seasickness, injuries and one in a straight jacket. The story then moves to post WWII and life in mid west America where the author was warmly accepted into her new family.
Visit Ruth's website and watch her video at

Maya: The Story of a German War Bride Maya: The Story of a German War Bride
by Maya Torngren
ISBN: 9780595443451
Publisher: iUniverse
This is the life story of a German girl growing up in Germany during Hitler's regime. She spent the night of her fifteenth birthday huddled in the basement with her family as her home town of Augsburg suffered its largest air raid of the war, during the coldest night of that year. Life was very interesting for the teenager after the war ended and the American troops entered the city, bringing with them the Big Band Sound.

Five years after the war, she met and married an American soldier. Moving to America was just the beginning of many different experiences that awaited her. When the couple had four children, aged thirteen, twelve, nine, and six, they left the U.S. to embark on an eleven-month, once-in-a-lifetime trip to Africa, the Canary Islands, and Europe. Four years after their return to the U.S., they moved to California, where they remain to this day.

Sadly, a few years later, tragedy struck the family. The book ends 60 years later on Maya's 75th birthday.

Memoirs Of A War Bride Memoirs Of A War Bride
by Elena Russo LeMaster
ISBN-10: 1420888986
ISBN-13: 978-1420888980
List Price: $14.49
Best Price: $20.37
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The only information I can find on this book is that it was written by an Italian War Bride from Naples, Italy. Ms. LeMaster passed away on June 23.
French War Brides French War Brides in America
An Oral History
Dr. Hilary Kaiser
In 1944 and 1945, millions of American soldiers took part in the Liberation of France. It was impossible for these GI's, who brought with them freedom, health and wealth, to avoid fraternizing with French women. Some 6500 Franco-American marriages would later take place, and many of these women would cross the Atlantic to join their husbands, thus following the example of their compatriots who had wed doughboys after World War I. From the very beginning, such flirtations provoked the irritation of conservatives in France and of puritanical Americans. The former feared the debauchery of their young women, the latter the subversion of their boys. As for marriages, many difficulties first had to be overcome. Fearing an expensive inflow of war brides, who would benefit from free transportation to the U.S. and later acquire American citizenship, the U.S. army and Washington put up obstacles. Many Americans also had a very sceptical attitude towards the integration of these brides, since French women--often dubbed as "Oh-la-la girls-- had the reputation of being frivolous, difficult to handle and coquettes.

This book, a collection of oral histories, tells the story of Mademoiselle and the GI by following the destinies of fifteen French war brides-three from World War I and twelve from World War II. All of these women encountered cultural shock as they discovered an opulent and open society but which was also materialistic and racially segregated. Many of their GI husbands had been traumatized by the war. But the women got on with it and survived. Although about half of the marriages ended in divorce, only about a hundred and fifty of the women returned to France. Most of them, in their own way, lived the American Dream. Today these women are both French and American. They reflect the image of a successful betrothal between two cultures.

About the Author
Dr. Kaiser is the author of two books that exist in both French and English: French War Brides in America (Greenwood, 2007)
Des Amours de GI’s: les petites françaises du Débarquement (Tallandier, 2004) and Veteran Recall: Americans in France Remember the War/Souvenirs de Veterans ( Bayeux, 2004). She is currently working on a third book about children of GI’s and French women after World War II. When Des Amours de GI’s appeared in French bookshops in May 2004, she was invited to speak on Europe 1, France Inter, RFI and other radio stations in Paris, as well as on “Repères de l’Histoire” on France 5 television. She was also interviewed by various journalists in the French press. An article Ms Kaiser wrote on French war brides was published in the May 2004 issue of L’Histoire, and she was invited to give talks on French war brides at the Mémorial Museum in Caen and at other venues in France. In 2006, she was invited to the U.S. by the Alliance Française to give conferences on her research in eight different American cities. Since the publication of her war brides book in English, she has spoken in Paris at the American Library, Brentano's Bookshop, Paris Alumnae Network, and WICE. Her other publications include articles on American religious groups and the American presence in France in the Revue française des Etudes américaines and American Studies International.

Hilary Kaiser is American by birth and the daughter of a GI who fought in Japan during World War II. She is an Associate Professor at the University of Paris-Sud and has done many oral histories of Americans living in France. The second edition of her book Veteran Recall: Americans in France Remember the War was published in June 2004.

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Maria Maria: The Life Story of a World War II Italian Bride
by Maria Leonardi-Lamorte and Ann Marie Lamorte
Paperback: 86 pages
Publisher: iUniverse (November 2006)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0595422896
ISBN-13: 978-0595422890
Maria is a real life drama that begins in old world Italy, in the midst of World War II. Based on the true story of a World War II war bride this page-turning book takes you for a ride through the challenges of real life. As an Italian woman, Maria had to learn to be strong very quickly. The German occupation was taking its toll on her beautiful native hometown of Napes. Thankfully the United States brought freedom and the love of her life, her husband. Quickly her life was turned upside-down once again with the long journey to a strange new world. All alone in America and not yet able to speak English she fights loneliness as her new husband is still in war. Follow Maria as she travels through life this dramatic story of war, family and love.
Maria Letters, Silent 50 Years, Speak of the Holocaust
by Gary Schmidgall

Book cover of Sala's Gift, the story of Ann Kirschner's mother's experiences in Nazi labor camps. Back in 1991, a week before triple-bypass surgery was scheduled for her, 67-year-old Sala Garncarz Kirschner decided to give up her decades-old cigarette habit. Before she entered the hospital, Sala also decided to give up her decades-old secrecy. She produced a red cardboard box and gave it to her daughter for safe-keeping, saying simply, "You should have this."

That daughter, Ann, thought at first the box might contain jewelry, but instead out poured more than 350 items-letters, government and war-related documents, diary entries, and photographs-recreating the heroic and harrowing story of Sala's odyssey through seven Nazi labor camps in Germany, Poland, and Czechoslovakia between 1940 and 1945, her late teens and early 20's.

Ann Kirschner, newly appointed Dean of the CUNY Honors College, writes that the cardboard box changed her life, setting her off on a journey of discovery to put these materials, written in Polish, Yiddish, but mostly German, into familial and historical context. After solving many puzzles evoked by the trove and numerous subsequent interviews with Sala and her one surviving sister, Raizel, as well as many Holocaust survivors, Kirschner has now published Sala's Gift: My Mother's Holocaust Story (Free Press).

That the memorabilia-most importantly the letters Sala received from family and friends-survived at all was a miracle. Perhaps the only good thing about labor camps was that mail and care packages were allowed. At great risk of punishment by her S.S. guards, Sala began to save and hide her letters. The precious hoard grew and, amazingly, she succeeded in keeping it on her person when shunted from one camp to the next. Months after the ordeal was over, Sala wrote triumphantly to the only other of 11 Garncarz siblings alive at war's end, Raizel and Blima (who died in 1953), "I have the pictures of our dear father and dear mother, together with all the mail I received from home... I watched it and guarded it like the eyes in my head, since it was my greatest treasure."

Portrait of Sala as age 12. Kirschner's study vividly recreates life in the Jewish community of the medium-size Polish city of Sosnowiec in Upper Silesia as the Nazis began their genocidal work (only 4,000 of the city's 28,000 Jews survived), working through Jewish collaborators in the Jewish Council of Elders. The villain in Sosnowiec was one Moses Merin, who finally lost his usefulness, was arrested, and gassed himself at Oswiecim, renamed by the Germans Auschwitz.

A notable virtuoso of evil in the book is Albrecht Schmelt, the creator of a vast chain of labor camps called Organization Schmelt. At its height there were 177 Schmelt factories, most of them devoted to major construction projects and production of war materiel. One Oskar Schindler ran several of them. Ordered into the system by Merin, Sala worked at several of them.

But the heart of Sala's Gift is the revelation, on almost every page, of Sala's sheer will to endure amid horrific brutality. Allowed one brief visit home from a camp, she tried to lift her family's spirits: "Yes, I will be back! I'm here now, aren't I? I was away-but I came back. Be strong, I will return!" But her father saw the future. Sala would never forget his reply. "He went on, in a direct and solemn way... 'My dear child, I will never see you again.'" Josef Garncarz was right. An appendix in Sala's Gift lists about 40 immediate and extended family members who died in the extermination camps, including Josef and his wife Chana.

Sala's early diary passages now and then capture the weight of separation and all the ambient brutality. Early on, at her first camp, she records, "The world is moaning, life is terrible, and there is much to lament... The world is complaining, and there is a void around us." But the more common note is one of determined optimism. Sala boasts, justly, in one letter, "I am one stubborn girl." That grit was especially needed as the Nazis were being pushed back on the eastern and western fronts in 1944 and as labor camps were closed, their workers put on trains or death marches to the gas chambers.

First page of Sala's diary, entry of October 28, 1940. Perhaps the most fascinating character in Sala's story (worthy of Hollywood treatment) is a jaunty, charismatic Polish Jew named Ala Gertner. She happened to be present when Sala was put on the train to her first labor camp. An older woman, she took the frightened teenager under her wing and made Sala her protégé from her position of some influence with the Nazis (she worked for a while in the offices of Moses Merin). Some of the most poignant saved letters are from Ala written after the two were sent to different factories.

Kirschner's most riveting pages recount Ala's heroic end. By mid-1943, her relatively comfortable life in the offices of labor camps ended, and she was transported to a factory making explosive devices adjacent to the Auschwitz crematoria. Ala joined three other women in the camp's underground resistance who were assigned to the gunpowder room. Their conspiracy was to save out tiny amounts of powder, make a bomb of their own, and then blow up a crematorium. On October 7, 1944, their plot succeeded.

This so-called Auschwitz Uprising caused a huge furor and intense investigation, described in detail by Kirschner. The conspirators were caught and executed on January 5, 1945. The last roll call at Auschwitz was, heartbreakingly, a mere 12 days later. A monument to the four is in the garden of the Holocaust memorial Yad Vashem in Jerusalem.

By June of 1946, Sala was settled in an East Harlem apartment as the bride of Sidney Kirschner, an American soldier. "She hid the box of letters," Kirschner writes. "She said nothing about them or about her life during the war for nearly fifty years."

A few years after Sala's letters saw the light, Ann, her parents, and her brothers Joseph and David paid their only visit back to Sosnowiec. Returning to the still-standing one-room Garncarz apartment on Kollataja Street, Sala summed up with eloquent simplicity into a tape recorder: "This is the worst experience of my life.... All I see is the family I left here, and I have come back to a terrible, terrible dirty little room that is hardly fit for anyone to live in. And yet here I grew up and loved everything in it. I don't see 'things.' I just see my people. I see them in every corner."

Happily, Kirschner reports that her parents are alive and well, living upstate in Monsey, New York. "But they do winter in Florida." Sala's letters now reside in the Dorot Jewish Division at the N.Y.P.L and can be found online at and

Seven Brides For Uncle Sam Seven Brides for Uncle Sam (1997): It was called the "friendly invasion." Newfoundland marked the gateway to North America, and in the early 1940s, as the threat of World War II loomed larger, some of the largest military bases outside of the US were established there.

The Americans created a replica of their world, with dance halls, theatres and bowling alleys, in the midst of small outports where the way of life still echoed traditions established in the 1600s.

With just about every local woman looking for a new life, what chance did a fisherman, a labourer or even a local businessman have next to the rich and romantic Americans? From the beginning of the Second World War until the recent end of the Cold War, when the last base closed, as many as 40,000 Newfoundland women married Americans.

Seven Brides for Uncle Sam tells the stories of seven Newfoundland women who married American servicemen. Here, the events of world history are but a back drop to their personal stories of romance, heartbreak and joy.

The Tenth Frontier is a 12-part series highlighting 50 years of NFB films from and about Newfoundland and Labrador. From touching personal stories, to portraits of public figures, to windows on ways of life now past, The Tenth Frontier is a treasure of historical films and fresh perspectives.

From the Battlefront to the Bridal Suite
Media Coverage of British War Brides, 1942–1946
Barbara G. Friedman
ISBN 978-0-8262-1718-9
Available April 2007
Battle Front to Bridal Suite
With their gregarious natures and casual styles, American GIs in wartime England were instantly attractive to British women—especially in the absence of their fighting men. As a result, some seventy thousand British war brides returned to the United States—with many on the home front at first suspecting that the GIs were somehow being exploited.

The war brides’ stories have been told in memoirs, romantic novels, and immigration history. Barbara Friedman sheds new light on their experiences by focusing on media representations of sexuality and marriage in wartime, showing how mass media interpretations turned from public suspicion of war brides to popular acceptance.

Friedman tells how British media first insisted that GIs had come to fight, not to woo the locals, and shrugged off the first brides as an “American problem.” Yet, as Friedman shows, the British media were complicit in encouraging the relationships in the first place: the British press promoted a hospitality program that deemed the entertainment of American troops “patriotic duty,” while women’s magazines hailed American men as ideal husbands and the United States as a promised land.

From the American perspective, Friedman reveals, despite rules against foreign marriages, the U.S. Army encouraged GI-civilian fraternization through armed service publications, attitudes toward GI sexuality, and participation in the hospitality program. Armed service publications went from depicting British women as “frowsy dames” to honoring them as models of domesticity, while newspapers back home eventually legitimized the marriages by casting the brides as welcome additions to American society. Meanwhile, American women’s magazines viewed them as more similar to than different from their American counterparts and called on readers to help British brides master American homemaking.

By combining letters and diaries of brides with published accounts, Friedman identifies accuracies and inaccuracies in the media record as well as gaps in coverage. She considers how the brides saw themselves compared to their media images and shows how the media co-opted brides as symbols of the Anglo-American “special friendship,” postwar power imbalance, and gendered ideals of marriage and domestication.

From the Battlefront to the Bridal Suite is the untold story of overlooked participants in the most celebrated drama of the twentieth century—women whose lives were shaped profoundly by a war that was more than just a male enterprise. It shows the power of the press in the most unlikely matters and suggests a broader definition of the wartime experience.

About the Author
Barbara G. Friedman is Assistant Professor of Journalism and Mass Communication at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She lives in Hillsborough, North Carolina.

My Heart in a Suitcase
by Anne L. Fox
Anne Lehmann and her family no longer feel safe in their Berlin home. Life in Germany is deteriorating quickly; in order to protect their daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Lehmann may have to say goodbye to her forever. Now Anne must struggle to bring meaning out of despair, to cling to love and hope even in a world that seems to be filled with hatred and violence.

My Heart in a suitcase
The result is a gripping and poignant production, a tribute to the strength of the human spirit. ArtsPower hopes to touch the hearts and minds of old and young alike by adapting a survivor’s story, to inspire audiences to read and learn more about the Holocaust by weaving an emotional bond through art.

As they show young people what happened in Germany and in other occupied nations prior to and during World War II – and how a heroine survived thanks to her own courage and the generosity of others – ArtsPower will teach them the importance of combating intolerance. The ultimate goal is to motivate children not only to appreciate reading and the theatre but also to love and respect all their fellow human beings.

The Kindertransport Association (KTA) is a not-for-profit organization of child holocaust survivors who were sent, without their parents, out of Austria, Germany, Poland and Czechoslovakia to Great Britain.

Paperback: 170 pages
Publisher: Mitchell Vallentine & Company; Autographe edition (April 1996)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0853033110 ISBN-13: 978-0853033110

So, This is America is Elfi Hornby’s third book, Preceded by Dancing to War and Shadow of Defeat. It is a moving personal story of a determined spirit, and a mirror of life in America in the 1950's. So This America

So, This is America

Leaving war-ravaged Germany in June 1949 to follow my GI husband to the United States took a desperate leap of faith. I had many indications that I would not be finding paradise, but it could not be worse, I thought, than what I left behind. Munich, my hometown, was destroyed beyond recognition, showing only faint signs of awakening from its coma. I could not imagine that it would rise again in my lifetime. When I tried to visualize the future, it was like staring into thick fog on a dark winter’s night.

My career as a trained classical dancer was dead. To survive the desolation of the postwar years, I had worked for the US Special Service entertaining American troops and, for the most part, they had treated me well. But with the rotation of the fighting units came many changes in attitude, conditions and opportunities. The replacements expressed more hostility toward the Germans, cut out all special privileges such as meals, transportation and housing, and the Special Service brought so many shows now from the US that the demand for German entertainers dwindled.

In 1946, desperate to keep on dancing and working, I joined a Hungarian troupe. During this time, I met Robert, a GI and advanceman for an American show, who took an obsessive fancy to me, found out that I was German, not Hungarian, traveling under a false ID, and took advantage of it. Crude, brazen, obtrusive, he had the attitude that “to the victor belong the spoils.” His attentions rejected, he bribed his way into my hotel room one night and under threats to have the troupe and me arrested, added me to his list of conquests. This marked the end of my career. I became pregnant and had to be grateful that he admitted to being the father and wanted to marry me.

Robert’s stateside family was not at all thrilled to have a so called ‘Fraulein’ or ‘German Nazi’ as a daughter-in-law, who they believed had entrapped their son. At the same time, German sentiments were no kinder. Tagged as an Ami-Liebchen, my child and I were branded with shame. Desperation persuaded me to take the plunge into the unknown and follow my rapist to the United States to be his wife.

This is my story.
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Melancholy Baby: The Unplanned Consequences of the G.I.s' Arrival in Europe for World War II

by Pamela Winfield
Melancholy Baby

More than a million American G.I.s were crammed into the UK prior to the invasion of France during World War II. Wherever they landed, the G.I.s took the British population by surprise. Very few people had ever met a real American before. In those days, the U.S. was more remote than Siberia is to the present generation. All anyone knew about Americans had been learned from the silver screen. How could they be resisted? We can only guess at the total number of children that the G.I.s left behind. Figures quoted have varied from 10,000 to 100,000 but there are no official sources on which to base these numbers. Not surprisingly, these children today represent as much of a social cross section as the women who dated the G.I.s. But regardless of background, they all share the common goal of wanting to find the American father who holds the other half of their personal history. This book relates the social history of the military situation of World War II in Europe. It records how many British were dazzled by and fell in love with American G.I.s who arrived in the U.K. to train for the Invasion of France. Although some married their sweethearts, many more did not. Meanwhile, on the Continent, young women who became pregnant ended up in dire social straits. What is important now is that the children of these liaisons should have the opportunity to learn about the missing half of their heritage. Pamela Winfield, president of TRACE, a nonprofit group that helps these children find missing parents, tells us their stories.

Man and Woman, War and Peace 1941 – 1951

A Dual Autobiography: Verbatim from Their Letters and Diary

(NOTE: This is not a war bride story, but it brings understanding as to what life was like during 1941-1951. Robert Doty was the Transport Commander on the Jarrett M. Huddleston during the April/May 1946 trip)

All married couples will immediately appreciate, and benefit from, the lessons in marriage so forthrightly revealed in this uniquely veridical recording of married life. From courtship and honeymoon through the first 10 years the ecstasy, uncertainties, and contentions that seem inevitably to bestir relations between the sexes have been captured on line in their letters, and the daily diary of Elizabeth. Man and Woman, War and Peace 1941 – 1951

However, this is much more than a study in the vagaries of love. World War II is not only the background but the daily life of these participants. It loomed continually in their brief courtship, that was followed within 3 months by Pearl Harbor. Then the Army for Robert and the Atomic Bomb project for Elizabeth. Throughout the 4 years of repeated separation their daily letters convey not only their erotic longings, but the life of a draftee, officer training, war adventures in Italy and the Mediterranean, the bordellos of Karachi, North Atlantic convoy nights in fog, shipwreck in the Azores, plus ample philosophical commentary; and the trials of pregnancy and birth. Postwar life sees the transformation of the lovers into father and mother, home owners, student, and, finally, triumph as an embryo Professor of Physiology. In all, a whirlwind of life’s experiences, in remarkable diversity, replete with poetry, deeply divisive quarrels, and reasoned insight into how this swiftly moving marriage succeeded in achieving a wondrous level of enduring bliss and contentment.
The book can be viewed in its entirety on under the search for "Robert Doty".

ISBN: 0-533-14331-4
Book Size: 6 x 9
Num. Pages: 693
Author's Bio:
Robert W. Doty and Elizabeth N. Doty


by Michael J. Forrester
ISBN: 1589822250 Thanks For The Memories
Husband of Japanese War Bride Shares True Love Story

Interracial marriages are largely accepted in today’s modern American culture, but that has not always been the case. During the post World War II era, American servicemen and their Japanese war brides were scorned in both countries for wedding ‘the enemy‘. Yet, many love stories between American servicemen and their Japanese brides had their origins under these distressing conditions.

One grateful husband pays tribute to his own Japanese bride of forty-five years by writing the true story of their love in a rich, historically accurate autobiography. Tsuchino, My Japanese War Bride. Michael J. Forrester makes the claim that his Japanese war bride is a most remarkable woman and then delivers the proof in a compelling and true story between two people from different cultures in a time when interracial marriages, let alone a marriage to someone viewed as “the enemy”, were uncommon and generally unacceptable.

Forrester makes his case for his wife‘s remarkableness by asking, “How many women have lived through the horrors of war with bombs falling on their homes? And how many have experienced the devastation of foreign occupation and defeat of their countrymen and then later married one of the enemy? How many women have had the strength to move to a foreign land with nothing but one sparse suitcase in hand? How many women can transcend the prejudice and disdain of others and still maintain their beautiful character?”

“Michael and Tsuchino’s story of love transcends cultural and language barriers at a time in American history when marriage between two different races was a rare occurrence,” explains Regina F. Lark, Ph.D. UCLA Center for the Study of Women and Women’s Studies Programs.

“His memoir of a successful transnational, interracial marriage makes a wonderful contribution to Japanese history, U.S. history and Japanese-American history,” says Velina Hasu Houston, Professor of Theatre, resident playwright and Director of Dramatic Writing at the University of Southern California School of Theatre. “These (Japanese) women have risen above prejudice and stereotype to live and live well.”

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by Jane Leder Thanks For The Memories
Book Code: C8879
ISBN: 0-275-98879-1
ISBN-13: 978-0-275-98879-1
DOI: 10.1336/0275988791
240 pages, photos
Praeger Publishers
Publication Date: 9/30/2006
List Price: $39.95 (UK Sterling Price: £22.99)
Availability: In Stock
Media Type: Hardcover
Trim Size: 6 1/8 x 9 1/4
The book is a great read for history buffs, World War II aficionados, members of the “greatest generations,” the military past and present, and anyone who is curious about what life was really like for men and women during World War II.

Early reaction to the book has been overwhelmingly positive. The stories of ordinary people during extraordinary times paint a picture of young men and women caught up in the passion and uncertainty of war. Their lives were turned upside down and, while they could not have imagined the consequences, relationships between the sexes for generations to follow would be forever changed.

Read am excerpt from the book

Michi's Memories:
The story of a Japanese war bride

by Tamura, Keiko (2003), , ISBN 1 74076 001 8.
AUD$31.78 (Including GST: AUD$34.96) (softcover)
Michi's Memories
This book is the first in English to tell the story of a Japanese war bride. Michi was one of 650 Japanese war brides who arrived in Australia in the early 1950s. These women fell in love with Australian servicemen in war-torn Japan, and decided to migrate to Australia as wives and fiancées to start a new life. When the war brides walked up the gangplank to board the boats which would take them to Australia, they were determined to establish new lives in their husbands' country. However, it was beyond anybody's anticipation, including their own, how difficult it would prove to be for them to become Australian.

Michi's Memories centres on the life story of a Japanese woman who went through the Pacific war, the occupation of Japan and migration to Australia. Her experiences led from Japan to New Guinea during the war, and from Japan to Australia in the post-war period. In her own words, Michi tells how she tried to become an Australian wife and mother in spite of her different cultural background. Now in her eighties, she reflects upon her experiences over the past fifty years. Her children also give their own views on their mother's experience.

Keiko Tamura's sensitive study reveals the difficulties the women faced in Australia when general hostility toward Japan as an ex-enemy nation was still strong, and the idea of "white Australia" was widely accepted. It examines how the women demonstrated their strength throughout the process of adaptation to a drastically different culture through their flexibility and resilience. The book also examines the historical background of how a young Japanese woman met a young Australian soldier in occupied Japan, and touches upon the recent development of network formation among the war brides.

The War Bride's Tale
by Manja Beukman

The War Bride's Tale Elisabeth van der Werf is a well-educated Dutch woman of thirty-two from a once well-to-do family. Towards the end of World War II, she meets Lloyd Collis, a Canadian soldier and paragon of masculine physical beauty. Their encounter leads to his proposal for marriage and even though Elisabeth does not really love him, she does accept and immigrates to a northern Ontario town. A few weeks after her arrival in Canada, she becomes accutely aware of the differences between Lloyd and her. What now? The settings of Elisabeth’s tribulations provides the reader of this novel with a panorama of memorable literary Canadiana from the fifties. A translation from the Dutch language. 185 pages, Paperback

Talk of Many Things
by Margaret Wharton

Talk To Many Things ISBN: 0595365914
This is Margaret Wharton fourth book of memoirs, she continues her G.I. bride reminiscences as she paints a picture of life in England before, during, and after World War II. Emphasizing the years from her arrival in the United States until her retirement in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, she tells of her initial homesickness as she is assimilated into a new way of life and describes her years as a housewife in a small suburban town as she raises two sons and resumes her teaching career. She relates the many travels that she and her husband made together, the accounts taken from the detailed journals she assiduously kept of the trips. She also tells something of the Southern family she married into and goes on to talk of the retirement life she and her husband lead in Chapel Hill.

Her book is a highly polished piece of work comprising an ingenious blend of people, places, history, geography, and literature. Mrs. Wharton has a vast knowledge of history and excellent control of language along with a vivid descriptive flair. She reproduces her experiences with clarity and conviction.

Talk of Many Things offers a colorful, informative, and individual account of a unique experience shared by a number of young women, not only from England, but from many other countries, in the immediate post war years.

About the Author
Margaret Wharton (nee Biggs) was born in England in 1917 and spent the war years teaching in evacuation areas. She married Lt. David Wharton and came to the U.S. in 1946, teaching school and raising two sons in New Jersey. A watercolorist, accomplished needlewoman, and choir singer who has traveled extensively, she is now retired in Chapel Hill, NC.

War Brides and Memories of World War II
by Elizabeth Hawthorne

ISBN 9623255
by Empire Publishing from Denver, Colorado -1-1 1998
I've tried to learn more about this book but could not find additional information. I did find some used copies for sell at Any additional information is welcome

Love and War
by Carol Fallows

ISBN: 1863252673
Love & War All the romance, danger and real-life adventures of the war brides who came to Australia to make a new life, from the Great War to Vietnam. Popular journalist and author Carol Fallows recreates the urgency and immediacy of these whirlwind wartime romances - the humour and bittersweet moments of the first meeting, the anxious watching and waiting for news of soldier-sweethearts at the front, and the exciting - and terrifying - journey to a strange new land. But reaching Australia was just the beginning. As the brides stepped off the cramped transports and into their soldiers' arms, they were also embracing the challenge of carving out a new life, with an unknown and often hostile family, new language, unfamiliar culture, climate and food. Inspired by her own parents' romance, Fallows is passionate about sharing these extraordinary stories before they are lost forever.

Memoir of a French War Bride
by Jeannine Ricou-Allunis

Memoirs Paris, September 3, 1939: fifteen-year old, Jeannine Ricou heard the bells ringing throughout the city that signaled the beginning of World War II. Her privileged life was about to change forever. The hardships of war replaced the comforts of her former life. She joined the French Resistance and aided in undermining the enemy. With the Liberation, came the American soldier she would fall in love with and marry. When Jeannine's new husband sent her home to America with their toddler, she was pregnant again. In America, she taught herself to speak English by reading comic books and struggled to understand the cruelty and alcoholism of her in-laws. When her husband returned home, Jeannine discovered he had a violent and unpredictable temper. The pain was just beginning.

GIs and Fräuleins
The German-American Encounter
in 1950s West Germany

by Maria Höhn
Marlbrough revisited With the outbreak of the Korean War, the poor, rural West German state of Rhineland-Palatinate became home to some of the largest American military installations outside the United States. In GIs and Frauleins, Maria Hohn offers a rich social history of this German-American encounter and provides new insights into how West Germans negotiated their transition from National Socialism to a consumer democracy during the 1950s.

Focusing on the conservative reaction to the American military presence, Hohn shows that Germany's Christian Democrats, though eager to be allied politically and militarily with the United States, were appalled by the apparent Americanization of daily life and the decline in morality that accompanied the troops to the provinces. Conservatives condemned the jazz clubs and striptease parlors that Holocaust survivors from Eastern Europe opened to cater to the troops, and they expressed scorn toward the German women who eagerly pursued white and black American GIs. While most Germans rejected the conservative effort to punish as prostitutes all women who associated with American GIs, they vilified the sexual relationships between African American men and German women. Hohn demonstrates that German anxieties over widespread Americanization were always debates about proper gender norms and racial boundaries, and that while the American military brought democracy with them to Germany, it also brought Jim Crow.

Go to: University of North Carolina Press to order.

Marlborough Revisited and the War Remembered, A G.I. War Bride Looks Back

by Margaret Wharton
Marlbrough revisited Published by Alan Sutton ( 1980s?) Includes some good photographs. This book about Marlborough and the surrounding countryside was inspired by a visit made by the author to her hometown in the spring 1985. It is a book full of local history and geography and told in an easy informal style. 122 pages

(To view a larger image of book cover, please click the book cover.)
Marlbrough revisited

From Britain With Love: World War II Pilgrim Brides Sail to America

by Vera Audrey Cracknell Long;
Vienna, Va. 1988 ISBN: 9645977-0-5
Vera was still a teenager living on the outskirts of London near Wembley, Middlesex, when WWII ended and she married a Yank whom she had met before D-Day at The Hans Crescent American Red Cross Club in Knightsbridge. In October 1945 Charles flew back to England from Germany for their wedding and a brief honeymoon before his Signal Intelligence Unit returned to the U.S. They are now living in a suburb of Washington D.C. and have celebrated their sixtieth wedding anniversary.

From Britain With Love, is a thoroughly documented historical book about the GI Brides of WWII , “a valuable addition to our heritage.” Back in print, it is available directly from Vera A. Long, 19365 Cypress Ridge Terrace, Apt.412, Lansdowne, VA 20176. The price $14.95 includes US postage.

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Bittersweet Decision

Bittersweet Decision:
The War Brides 40 years later

by Helene Lee, Lockport, N.Y.; Roselee Publications, 1985
Nonfiction - $14.95
ISBN: 0-9615025-0-9
300 pages

"Gripping. The first hand reading is powerful, often emotive. Covers an important facet of World War II." - John Foltz, Lockport Union Sun and Journal

They became known as The War Brides, frightened, hopeful, war traumatized young women who married American and Canadian G.I.s during or shortly after World War II. The brides, born in Europe, Australia, New Zealand and Japan tell of total culture shock in lengthy letters, interviews and research flowed into Bittersweet Decision. For the first time the War Brides lives before, during and after the war are revealed.

Helene R. Lee is a freelance writer from Lockport. If you would like a copy of her book, please e-mail her at

Yanks Down Under, 1941-45:
the American impact on Australia

by E. Daniel Potts, Annette Potts
Yanks down under, 1941-45: the American impact on Australia (Melbourne: Oxford University press, 1985). [Uses interviews, letters, diaries and other sources to illustrate how the Americans and Australians responded to each other. Includes bibliography.]
New York: Oxford University Press, 1985 ISBN: 0195545001

Memories of a Big Sky British War Bride

by Irene Hope Hedrick
Memories of a Big Sky War Bride As a young British woman caught up in the trauma of World War II, Irene Hope welcomed U.S. troops with open arms. Enticed by the prospect of an idyllic future "over there," she married an American airman and set sail for rural Polson, Montana, one of many British war brides bound for America.
But by the time she arrived at her new home - a one-room, unpainted shanty on the border of the Salish-Kootenai Indian Reservation - Irene knew that her wedding vows had bound her to a lifetime of harsh lessons. Memories of a Big Sky British War Bride tells the story of her shocking transplant to a place where indoor plumbing was not yet universal and where her husband's "injun hating ways" would influence every aspect of her new life.
Twenty years in the making - and against her husband's wishes - this candid memoir is a testament to one woman's inner strength, carried all the way from Sankey Bridges, England to Big Sky country.
ISBN: 0-7627-3958-4 Pub. Date 10/2005

For The Love Of A Soldier

Australian war-brides and their GIs
by Annette Potts and Lucinda Strauss
For the love of a soldier Up to one million American servicemen came to Australia during WW1 and thousands fell in love with Australian girls. As the war came to an end requests for transport created a crisis both for the brides and the authorities, so in 1946 the American government mounted Operation War Bride to re-unite women around the world with their GI sweethearts in a mass movement of young women to America which had no historial precedent. This book based on the film documentary of the same name shown on ABC-TV, looks at the story of the war bridges from when the GIs arrived in Australia - the days of courtship and marriage and what it was like to leave home for the love of a soldier, sailor or airman.
ISBN 0 642 53057 2

Des amours de GI’S

Les petites fiancées du Débarquement
(GI Love Stories: their French Sweethearts after D-Day)
by Hilary Kaiser
To learn more about the author go to Kaiser
American soldier and Mademoiselle In 1944 and 1945, millions of American soldiers took part in the Liberation of France. It was impossible for these GI’s, who brought with them freedom, health and wealth, to avoid fraternizing with French women. Some 6500 Franco-American marriages would later take place, and many of these women would cross the Atlantic to join their husbands, thus following the example of their compatriots who had wed doughboys after World War I.

From the very beginning, such flirtations provoked the irritation of conservatives in France and of puritanical Americans. The former feared the debauchery of their young women, the latter the subversion of their boys. As for marriages, many difficulties first had to be overcome. Fearing an expensive inflow of war brides, who would benefit from free transportation to the U.S. and later acquire American citizenship, the U.S. army and Washington put up obstacles. Many Americans also had a very sceptical attitude towards the integration of these brides, since French women--often dubbed as “Oh-la-la girls-- had the reputation of being frivolous, difficult to handle and coquettes.

This book tells the story of Mademoiselle and the GI by following the destinies of fifteen French war brides—three from World War I and twelve from World War II. All of these women encountered cultural shock as they discovered an opulent and open society but which was also materialistic and racially segregated. Many of their GI husbands had been traumatized by the war. But the women got on with it and survived. Although about half of the marriages ended in divorce, only about a hundred and fifty of the women returned to France. Most of them, in their own way, lived the American Dream. Today these women are both French and American. They reflect the image of a successful betrothal between two cultures.

Hilary Kaiser is American by birth and the daughter of a GI who fought in Japan during World War II. She is an Associate Professor at the University of Paris-Sud and has done many oral histories of Americans living in France. The second edition of her book Veteran Recall: Americans in France Remember the War was published in June 2004.

280 pages, (ISBN : 2-84734-153-6, Editions Tallandier, 2004)

En 1944 et 1945, des millions de soldats américains participèrent à la Libération de la France. Ces GI’S porteurs de liberté, image même de la santé et de la richesse, ne pouvaient manquer de « fraterniser » avec les jeunes Françaises. Six mille d’entre elles rejoignirent leurs époux outre-Atlantique, suivant l’exemple de leurs compatriotes unies aux doughboys de 14-18.

D’emblée, les flirts franco-américains effrayèrent tant la France conservatrice que l’Amérique puritaine : l’une craignait la débauche de ses filles, l’autre la subversion de ses boys. Quant aux mariages, ils durent surmonter bien des obstacles. L’US Army et les autorités de Washington redoutaient le coûteux afflux des « épouses de guerre » (les war brides), qui bénéficiaient immédiatement de la nationalité américaine, du rapatriement gratuit aux États-Unis, d’une éventuelle pension de veuvage. Mais plus encore, l’opinion américaine exprimait un scepticisme ouvert quant aux capacités d’intégration de ces Françaises réputées coquettes, impossibles et frivoles, et vite surnommées les Oh-la-la girls…

Ce livre raconte l’histoire des « fiancées du Débarquement », à travers douze destins de femmes de la Seconde Guerre mondiale (et trois témoignages de descendantes de Françaises mariées à un doughboy de 14-18). Ces femmes ont connu un véritable choc culturel, découvrant une société opulente et ouverte, mais aussi matérialiste et marquée par la ségrégation raciale. Elles ont souvent supporté des époux traumatisés par la guerre. Mais elles ont relevé le défi. Si la moitié a divorcé, seules cent cinquante sont rentrées en France. La plupart ont réalisé, à leur façon, le rêve américain. Jacqueline, spécialiste d’art mong, Antoinette, professeur à Berkeley, Denise, programmatrice en informatique, et tant d’autres, devenues, chanteuses, mannequins, enseignantes, sont à la fois pleinement Françaises, nostalgiques de leur pays, et pleinement Américaines. Elles offrent l’image de fiançailles réussies entre deux sociétés que tout, ou presque, séparait en 1945.

D’origine américaine et fille d’un vétéran de la guerre contre le Japon, docteur ès lettres, maître de conférences à Paris XI, elle a consacré de nombreuses recherches d’histoire orale à la présence américaine en France. Elle a publié en 1994 un recueil de témoignages de vétérans de la Seconde Guerre mondiale (réédité et en anglais et en français aux Editions Heimdal en 2004 sous les titres : Veteran Recall : Americans in France Remember the War et Souvenirs de Vétérans).

23 euros, 280 pages, (ISBN : 2-84734-153-6) Parution le 7 mai 2004

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Filipino Women in Detroit: 1945-1955
Who were the women who immigrated to Detroit from the Philippines following World War Two.
Valentina, Russian War Bride's Story

Valentina, A Russian War Bride's Story

by Valentina Rushbrook
This moving and deeply personal account was written by a woman who was born in Belarus, or "White Russia." She was one of over two million Ostarbeiter, or "Eastern workers"--women and men mostly from the Ukraine and Belarus who, during World War II, were forced by the Nazis into brutal slave labor in German factories--in the author's case, ammunitions factory. For three and a half years, the author, along with her mother, Sofia, her sister, Feya, and her adopted sister, Ludmila, endured--and survived--starvation rations, extreme heavy labor, and the threat of imminent death, either at the hands of their captors or by the horrible, relentless Allied bombing raids..

This is the true story of a woman of faith and courage--a story the author was inspired to write in memory of her own mother, who was a towering source of spiritual strength and wisdom during the unbelievably difficult times of war. In her book, the writer shares an intimate glimpse of the lives of her parents, Sofia Kologrecki (from Poland) and Efrem Sorogovets (from Belarus); of events in her own childhood growing up in the small Belarusian village of Podloshitsa, with her sister and her brother, Vatya; the years leading up to the outbreak of the War; and the terrible experiences of enslavement and a thousand-mile deportation by the Nazis from Dnepropetrovsk, in the Ukraine, to a forced labor camp in Feucht, Germany.

This is also a story of liberation, triumph, and love, as she describes the events that led from captivity to freedom; the fulfillment of a life-long dream of going to America; and the profoundly emotional circumstances that unfolded in her marriage to one of the American soldiers who liberated her.

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Over paid, Oversexed and Over Here

Overpaid, Oversexed, and Over Here": The American Gi in World War II Britain

by Juliet Gardiner
A wonderful story of wartime days, fifty years ago, told in the words of both the GIs who crossed the Atlantic and the British people who made them welcome - most of the time. Fifty years ago, the first of 1 1/2 million American GIs landed on British soil, there to join their English cousins in a desperate fight against Hitler's Germany. Soon this "friendly invasion" spread all over the British Isles, as secret preparations got underway for a climactic invasion of continental Europe. Yanks were ...

German War Bride Elfi Hornby has two books dealing with her life.

Dancing to War

is the incredible true story of a 16-year-old dancer who is sent to the Russian front during WW II to entertain German troops. She faces unimaginable hardships and challenges, experiences all the horrors of war, meets its heroes and villains, and is forced to rethink all she has been taught about life, country and God.
The book offers a glimpse of war as seen from “the other side.”

Shadow of Defeat

Shadow of Defeat

is Elfi Hornby’s second book, a sequel to Dancing to War, in which she invites the reader to walk with her through the turbulent years in Nazi Germany before, during, and after WW II.
It is a touching personal story, as well as a thought-provoking account of that time in history and the immorality of governments and of war.

For more information about these books go to:
To Johnnie, With Love

To Johnnie, With Love

by Pearl Colis Kochan (with Kevin Quirk)

A Canadian war bride who moved to the United States to marry an American GI she met during World War 2. Pearl Collis was born in Harbour Grace, Newfoundland. In 1942, she moved to Argentia, Newfoundland to work on the US Army base. There, she met her future husband, John Kochansky from Shenandoah, Pennsylvania. Pearl's book, To Johnnie, With Love, tells the story of their lifelong love set against the backdrop of the army base during the Second World War.
ISBN: 1-894463-35-8
Price: $14.95
Publisher: Flanker Press
Released: June 2003
Available at

The meeting

The Meeting of Anni Adams:
The Butterfly of Luxembourg

by Lonnie D. Story
ISBN: 1-9321-1213-8

INTRODUCTION: Nature and science teach us that a butterfly cannot reenter its cocoon once it has developed; once it has freed itself to life on the wind and vineyards; without recourse or return. I tend to disagree with that unfortunate observation and terminal inequity because I have found such a creature that does that very thing. While the cocoon, brown, dark brown, or even black in color, depicts an outward personification of unattractiveness, it is the inner containment that explains its need, purpose and existence. Why shouldn’t we look at such an object and examine the beauty on the mere outside? The shiny, glossy appearance of the smooth object. Its impregnable fortress-like strength and resolve to protect what lies inside. It is the epitome of the “judging a book by its cover.” The lackluster shell doing such a marvelous job of harbouring a very precious cargo.
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Abanboned War Bride

Abanboned War Bride
Monique´s Miraculous Destiny

Abandoned War Bride is the life story of 3 generations. Back in time we view the 30´s, 40´s, 50´s, and beyond, starting in the city of Marseille in south France and continuing in three states: Mississippi, Louisiana and Alabama, located in Dixieland. It has an expanded geography throughout France, Italy and other countries in Europe. The book is written in prose, with many quotations written in French with an English translation.

The beginning of the book is the story of a hard working big family who were making progress before the war described by a young lady. When WWII began, dramatic changes took place such as the loss of freedom, food, and education for the children. The misery increased when the father of that family lost his vision. (the most dramatic chapters in the book).

Liberation was welcome but the young lady became infatuated with an American soldier and married him. Her arrival in the US, as a War Bride, was a dramatic situation because he had abandoned her in rural Mississippi. She took refuge in New Orleans, La. and had to face shocks and solve her problems by herself at that age.( the most discouraging chapters in the book).

As time passed, one of the greatest love story ever told develops of two strangers, which was God´s plan. This young lady found Love and happiness with a family. These stories are followed by many events taking place in Mobile and Birmingham, Al. There are also many comical stories and details of traveling in Europe as well as her husband recounting his war experiences in the US Navy Sea Bees in the Pacific theater during WWII. (the most rewarding chapters in the book).

The young lady who is telling the story as far back as she can remember is a grandmother today and is telling the stories to her children who are BABY BOOMERS and to her grandchildren who are very curious and want to know everything. This memorable life story is an open book to discussion and sharing a unique quality of life with all of our family and friends. ( the most unique story ever told).

I hope this book will influence others to write their stories to their children, grandchildren, and to their friends. " Our children cannot know who they are if they do no know where their parents came from and how they come about to live in this country especially if they are born in another part of the world." Today, there is nothing to be ashamed of or embarrassed about because people make mistakes and we learn from them. We all have regrets, secrets and confessions to make and what a relief it is in someone´s life to tell it all.
ISBN: 1-4010-8107-X or

Powers Of Fate

Powers of Fate

is a sweeping family saga that covers the turbulent fifteen-year period between 1930 and 1945. It is the story of a young Italian-American street hustler with a penchant for shooting craps. He enlists in the U.S. Army at the outbreak of World War II and at the war's end, returns home with a wife and an infant son. By providing an intimate look into his life, as well as that of the beautiful Italian girl he falls in love with, this novel gives the reader a unique perspective of the war bride phenomenon.

Unlike the many wonderful books written celebrating the love and courage of war brides, this story details the unpredictable chain of events in each of the main character's live which bring them together. Rich with colorful characters, such as mobsters, eccentric priests, fashion designers and endearing rogues, this novel carries the reader across three continents on one couple's journey of personal growth and discovery. For anyone whose parents or grandparents were a part of this extraordinary experience, Powers of Fate will transport you back to that time in their lives and allow you witness the love, passion and bravery of this remarkable generation.

Title: Powers of Fate
Author: Mono V. D'Angelo
ISBN Softcover: 1-4033-1258-3
ISBN Hardcover: 1-4033-1259-1
Publisher: 1st Books Library
To order: Visit or call toll-free 1-800-839-8640

Thank you for including my novel among the many fine books written about war-brides. I hope you enjoy reading it.

Mono V. D'Angelo

Bottle Dreams

Bottle Dreams

by Monette Goetinck

Eighty-six-year-old Monette Goetinck's Bottled Dreams is a compelling and true story chroniclingthe fate that awaited herself and six other French North African war brides half a century ago in America, following their hastily-entered marriages to American soldiers in the tumultuous days that marked the end of World War II. These U.S. servicemen were complete strangers to Goetinck and the other women who, given the idealization created by war and the desire to escape war-ravaged North Africa, perceived them as young American warriors, imbued with friendliness, healthy aliveness, and unending generosity. As Goetinck writes, "They were good guys, easy to like, easy to fall in love with."

In January 1946 Goetinck left Algeria aboard the U.S.S. Bald Eagle, a rust-streaked liberty ship bound for America and her blond, American savior. On board she and the other war brides , Nadia, Marie, Arlette, Emma, Lola and Gisle, share their cast-off pasts and their future dreams. Half-way across the Atlantic, Goetinck suggested they write their hopes and dreams on notes, after which they stuffed the notes into an empty Cognac bottle, and tossed it into the sea.

Goetinck's Bottled Dreams gives a poignant account of the hardships she and her new-found friends encountered in America after having ironically survived a tragic war. Goetinck herself was forced by Algerian law to leave her seven-year-old son behind with her former husband when she emigrated to America. It was fourteen years before she was to see him again.

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Love Stories

Love Stories:
Romances of War World II

by Larry King
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Wreath on Ruins

Wreaths on Ruins

by Else Miller Martin, published by Carto-Craft, Inc. Birmingham, AL
Wreaths on Ruins is the true story of Elise Miller, a war bride who came to America after World War II in search of a better life and future. Her story begins with the Atlantic crossing to America and flashes back to her incredibly difficult and precarious past. The book gives us a brief history of Elise Miller's home state of Bessarabia (Moldavia) and tells of her country's early settlers' difficult task of cultivating the land. The years were hard but progressive, until the outbreak of the Bolshevik Revolution toward the end of World War I. Bolshevism practically changed the destiny of the Russian Nation over night and also ultimately affected the German population living in Bessarabia. Although the Bolsheviks first priority was to rid their country of all Germans through exile to Siberia, the hand of faith - the Romanian Army - in a surprise move took the state from the Bolsheviks and rescued the Germans from slavery by giving them back their freedom. This freedom, however, was short lived. Barely two decades later Stalin once again showed an interest in Bessarabia and succeeded in taking the state back in June of 1940. He (Stalin) signed an agreement with Hitler, exchanging Bessarabia for the wheat Hitler so desperately needed to feed his people. This action left Bessarabians with two choices: (1) to remain in the country subject to a communistic way of life or (2) to repatriate to the mother country of Germany under a Nazi regime. Wreath on Ruins is laced throughout with personal stories and actual happenings in the life of Bessarabians during these uncertain and dark days of war. It gives the reader a comprehensive inside look at lives under Communism and Nazism. The author shares with the reader not only many stories of family and friends but also many of her own personal stories during these precarious and difficult years of her life. Among her many stories, she tells of her escape from the Soviets, not once but twice, during the years of World War II, including her flight through Romania and Hungary in the fall of 1944 and her inconceivable fifty-six hour train ride through the Hungarian countryside. Elise Miller also shares the details of her second escape from Soviet occupied Germany, hidden on the floor of a car under a blanket. She reports of hunger, of hardships of bombings and war dangers. Separated from her family because of the war, Elise searched frantically for her parents after the war had ended. She reveals how she located her father nearly a year later and of her mother's release from a Soviet concentration camp. It was years later when her family was finally reunited in America. All names in Wreaths on Ruins were changed to protect those still living behind the "Iron Curtain" today.
Love Stories

War Brides

by Lois Battle - ISBN - 0140276432
World War II is over, but for three Australian women on their way to new lives and new husbands in America, things are just beginning. Young, idealistic, and eager to live the American dream, Sheila, Dawn, and Gaynor travel by ocean liner to join the soldiers they swore to love when peacetime seemed like a lifetime away. But the world that awaits them on the other shore will challenge their illusions and their love, and force them to summon courage and strength they never knew they had. Lois Battle's ear for dialogue and eye for detail bring characters and places to life as few authors can. Rich with the vibrant language and heady atmosphere of postwar America, War Brides captures the look and feel of one of this country's most memorable eras. But in her portrayal of three women coming face to face with the sometimes harsh and often joyful realities of marriage in a new land, Battle--herself the daughter of an Australian war bride--offers a timeless, universal story that will satisfy and entertain readers of every age.

Dreams and Nightmares of a German War Bride

by Mathilde Morris - ASIN: 1575028891
From Romance to Reality

From Romance to Reality

by Peggy O'Hara, Highway Book Shop, Cobalt, Ontario, Canada, 1983; ASIN:0889542856
Stories of Canadian WWII War Brides.

War Brides

War Brides of World War II

by Elfrieda Berthiaume Shukert and Barbara Smith Scibetta, Novato, Ca. Presidio Press, 1988
This is my favorite War Brides Book. It is well written and full of facts. Here's a little history of how they help start the WWII War Brides Association.

In the 1980’s, Barbara Scibetta, the daughter of a German War Bride, and Elfrieda Shukert, the daughter of an Austrian War Bride and herself a veteran of the U.S. Army, met at San Francisco State University while attending a course in “Problems of American Identity.” They became co-authors of the book, “War Brides of World War II” which was published by Presidio Press in 1988. During their five years of research for the book, they had been in touch with more than 2000 War Brides from all 50 states. They also organized the very first War Brides reunion on board the Queen Mary in the harbor of Long Beach, California. This beautiful ship was most appropriate because so many of the English War Brides had come over on her during and after the war. This first reunion took place in April of 1985 and was attended by 500 War Brides and their husbands. Those who attended this reunion remember it well and still talk about it because it was the very first time War Brides from so many different countries got together. They were honored and talked about all over the U.S. and even in some foreign countries on TV, newspapers and in magazines.

Before the reunion and before the book was published, very little was known about us as a group. Through the book even we found out many things that we did not know before. For instance, a War Bride or Groom is any foreign national who married an American member of the Armed Forces or an American civilian who was in a foreign country as a result of U.S. mobilization for World War II or as a result of the subsequent military occupation between 1942 and 1952. During those years about one million War Brides from 50 different countries came over here primarily “for the love of an American soldier.” Not since the last great wave of immigration in the 1920’s had so many people, so many women in particular, come to the United States.

When the book was finished in 1988, Barbara and Elfrieda invited all of us to a “Publishers Tea Party” on board the “Jeremiah O’Brian” in San Francisco. The Jeremiah O’Brian was a Liberty Ship which had brought many Australian War Brides to San Francisco. More than 100 War Brides and husbands attended this Publishers Tea Party and most of us from out of town spent several more days sightseeing.

War Brides and Their Shipment to the United States

Occupation Forces in Europe Series, 1945-46. Office of the Chief Historian, Headquarters European Command. United States Army, 1947

Marlborough Revisited and the War Remembered:
A G.I. Bride Looks Back

by Margaret Wharton; Gloucester: Alan Sutton, 1987
Sentimental Journey

Sentimental Journey: The Story of the GI Brides

by Pamela Winfield, London: Constable, 1984

The American G.I.s began to pour into Britain in 1942. To Britain's teenage girls, whose knowledge of America was gleaned from the Odeon and Regal cinemas, these young men with intriguing accents and money to burn spelled "GLAMOUR"! "Nice" girls were not supposed to be seen with them, but they dared each other to go to the nightly dances where the soldiers would be. The Valeta soon gave way to jitterbugging, promises of nylons and good times. All the drabness and uncertainty of war and the bombed out buildings were temporarily forgotten. Then D-Day came and most of the American G.I's were suddenly gone. When the war was over, some 60,000 star-struck G.I. brides, many with babies, waited and wondered whether they would ever meet their men again. In 1946, the U.S. Government sent for them. The women said goodbye to their families and were off to reception areas, often barracks that had originally housed U.S. troops. There they had to fill out tons of forms, suffer undignified examinations and be finger printed before sailing the Atlantic to their "Hollywood Dream". Some were disappointed even before they landed. Having sighted their husbands on shore, a few even refused to leave the boat. Some failed to recognize their spouses. Many led happy lives for many years. For all of them, what they found was rarely what they expected. Here is their story FOR THE VERY FIRST TIME!! Nostalgic and often very funny, you'll read how they schemed to arrange dates with their future husbands, forsook all and ventured into a strange land thousands of miles from home and how they coped with all the surprises America had in store for them. LOTS OF ORIGINAL PHOTOGRAPHS INCLUDED!! "A note from the author, Pamela Winfield"

hello, my attention has just been drawn to your website on which you list my book 'Sentimental Jouney' you may already know that this book led to Transatlantic Childrens Enterprise - TRACE in which I have used my knowledge of the U.S.(I was there for 14 years until my husband was killed) to advise people who are looking for their GI-fathers.

This led to 'Bye Bye Baby' Bloomsbury the story of the children the gis left behind and Melancholy Baby (which can be obtained through Amazon) because I wanted the American reader to understand the motivation behind this search which is emotional. In both books, I explain how becoming a GI Bride led me down this path and you might also like to know that I give lectures on 6 subjects all over the UK and Europe sometimes, and the most popular subject is still GI-Brides and GI-babies.
My audiences like to know what happened to us girls! Pamela Winfield

Good-bye Piccadilly

Good-bye, Piccadilly

by Jenel Virden ISBN:0-252-06528-X
British War Brides in America

Rich Relations: the American Occupation of Britain, 1942–1945

In his book, "Rich Relations" David Reynolds tells the story of Margaret Goosey, a girl from the Midlands, who went to Virginia in 1947, to marry a black, ex-GI she met in England.
Their proposed marriage was against the law in that state. Her husband-to-be was sent to the State Industrial Farm whilst she was gaoled and later deported.
In terms of outcomes the prognosis for the white ex-nuptial child was more hopeful than for the black. Thousands of British women who gave birth to children fathered by white Americans became war-brides, and joined their husbands in America when the war was over. This was not an option for those women whose children were black. Although there was no specific regulations against mixed marriages the reality was that in around 20 states in America in 1946, they were unlawful. Despite this some British girls persisted in their attempts to marry their black sweethearts.
ISBN: 184212112X

Issei, Nisei, War Bride

Three Generations of Japanese American Women in Domestic Service
Evelyn Nakano Glenn

Issei, Nisei, War Bride In this unique study of Japanese American women employed as domestic workers, Evelyn Nakano Glenn reveals through historical research and in-depth interviews how the careers of these strong but oppressed women affected the history of Asian immigration in the San Francisco-Bay Area. Three generations of women speak in their own words about coping with degraded employment and how this work related to family and community life.

The disproportionate concentration of Japanese American women in domestic service from the early part of this century to the present resulted from their status as immigrants and women of color in a race and gender stratified local labor market. The three generations covered by this study—pre-1924 immigrants (issei), first American born generation (nisei), and post-World War II immigrants (war brides)—were subjected to multiple forms of oppression but were not appendages of men nor passive victims. Dr. Glenn shows how their struggles to achieve autonomy, dignity, and a suitable livelihood were essential to the survival of the family and the community.

Although unique in many ways, the situation of the Japanese American woman has important parallels with that of other women of color in the United States. Ironically her role as a domestic cast her in a menial, degraded job but often elevated her to the position of valued confidant to her employer. Issei, Nisei, War Bride is the first study to offer a sociological/historical perspective on these women. It addresses issues about the nature of labor systems in capitalist economies, the role of immigrant and racial ethnic women in those systems, and the consequences of participation in race and gender stratified systems for minority families and communities.

paper: ISBN: 0-87722-564-8
cloth: ISBN: 0-87722-412-9

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